Drakengard update

Square Enix updates the official site for its upcoming action RPG.


Square Enix has updated the site for its upcoming PlayStation 2 action RPG, Drakengard, which takes place in a fantasy world filled with warriors and monsters. There are two powers in the world--the Empire and the Confederates--which have been fighting to gain possession of the goddess. The main character, Kyme, was once a prince of a small kingdom, but the Empire slaughtered his parents and kidnapped his sister, since she possessed the signs of being the goddess. Filled with anger and fury, Kyme makes a contract with a red dragon in exchange for his soul, and shortly thereafter, he goes off to slaughter his enemies, restore his sanity, and avenge the death of his parents.

Drakengard is a 3D action RPG consisting of battles in the sky and on the ground. The battles can be fought in three modes--high flight, low flight, and ground battle. In the high flight mode, the player can ride on a dragon and kill enemies in the sky to secure the air. Once the air is secured, the player can switch to the low flight mode and use the dragon to breathe fire on the enemies while flying above their heads. After most of the enemies are destroyed, the player can go on foot in ground battle mode and slash away the remaining enemies to get to the boss.

Drakengard is scheduled for release next year in North America, but it will be released in Japan this summer under the name of Drag-On Dragoon.

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