Drakengard sequel dated for Japan

Square Enix's medieval-flavored hack-and-slash game is coming to the PS2 this summer.


Drakengard 2

TOKYO--Square Enix announced today that it will release Drag on Dragoon 2: Love Red, Ambivalence Black in Japan on June 16. The game will be priced at 7,140 yen ($68). The Drag on Dragoon series is known as Drakengard in America.

Drag on Dragoon 2 takes place 18 years after the original and stars a new hero named Nowe. The game inherits its Dynasty Warriors-style system of slashing through a horde of enemies and features several gameplay improvements. One major change in Drag on Dragoon 2 is the addition of towns, where gamers can refine equipment and purchase various items. The combat system has a few new improvements as well, such as better control, more enemy bosses to spice up the action, and the limitless ability to switch between characters within the party.

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