Dragon's Lair 3D ships for GameCube

Encore announces that the GameCube version of this remade classic is now in stores alongside the PC and Xbox versions released last year.


Encore Software has today announced that the GameCube version of Dragon's Lair 3D, which was scheduled for release in time for Christmas 2002, is now shipping to stores across North America. The game is a remake of the '80s classic Dragon's Lair, and players, as Dirk the Daring, must rescue the beautiful Princess Daphne from an evil dragon.

"Gamers have been waiting for years to relive the Dragon's Lair experience they remember so well from the 1980s arcades," said Encore CEO Michael Bell. "We're thrilled to provide them with an exciting experience that makes this game worth the wait. It's all there--from Dirk's bumbling moves and brilliantly illustrated scenes in the castle, to the addictive gameplay and timeless story. Additional elements, such as true control over Dirk, new characters, and new movies created by Don Bluth, make this game equally compelling for a whole new generation of gamers."

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