Dragon's Lair 3D goes gold

Ubi Soft's PC and Xbox versions of the arcade game remake will soon be in stores.


Ubi Soft has announced that the PC and Xbox versions of Dragon's Lair 3D are complete and will be in stores November 18. A cel-shaded 3D remake of the 1983 laser-disc arcade game, Dragon's Lair 3D has Dirk the Daring reprise his role as the valiant but clumsy knight that players must guide around innumerable obstacles. The game has 18 large levels with 40 environments and more than 250 rooms, which makes for lots of puzzles, traps, power-ups, and secrets.

There are versions for all the major consoles, but Ubi Soft is handling only the PC and PC versions. The PC and PC versions, which are being published by Encore, are scheduled for release early next year. For more details on the different versions, click on the links to the right.

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