Dragon's Lair 3D debut

The latest entry into the Dragon's Lair series will be unveiled at this year's Classic Gaming Expo.


Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair

Dragonstone Software has announced that Dragon's Lair 3D is debuting at the Classic Gaming Expo to be held this August in Las Vegas. Rick Dyer and John Pomeroy, two creators of the original laserdisc Dragon's Lair game, will also be on hand to help demonstrate the game. Dragon's Lair 3D is a fully polygonal action game where players actually take control of Dirk the Daring as he attempts to rescue Daphne. The Dragon's Lair 3D graphics engine uses the cel-shading technique to give the game a distinct cartoon look similar to that of the laserdisc game.

Dragon's Lair 3D is scheduled for a mid-September release. For more information on the game, take a look at our previous coverage .

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