Dragon's Dogma Sequel in Discussion, But Nothing Decided Yet

"Thanks for your interest in the series!"


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While Capcom doesn't have any official plans at the moment to make another Dragon's Dogma game, producer Minae Matsukawa says in a new interview that a true sequel has not been ruled out. In fact, Matsukawa tells PC Gamer that the idea often comes up during internal discussions.

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"Thanks for your interest in the series!" Matsukawa said. "The Dragon's Dogma development team members often talk about the possibility of a sequel. We'd love to hear the opinions and feedback from players of the upcoming PC port of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, as that will increase the chances that we can look into the possibility of continuing the series."

Dark Arisen is an updated and expanded version of the 2012 RPG Dragon's Dogma. It arrived for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013, while the PC edition debuts on January 15.

If a Dragon's Dogma sequel is to happen, it could be made by the team that made the original. Matsukawa confirms that the team is still largely intact; they also made Dragon's Dogma Online, a free-to-play game that launched last year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC in Japan.

As of September 30, 2015, Capcom had sold 2.3 million Dragon's Dogma games. The franchise's contributions to Capcom's bottom line may be greater than that, however, as Dragon's Dogma Online offers a number of items for purchase via its microtransaction business model.

The full PC Gamer interview covers other topics like the origin of the Dragon's Dogma series, its influences, and the team's thoughts about the PC gaming market.

Would you be interested in a Dragon's Dogma sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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Avatar image for thejester2112

Loved the game, would definitely get the sequel.

Avatar image for Dordledum

Dragon's Dogma is my favorite game of the past 10 years, would love a sequel or else a next-gen port of the original!

Avatar image for Kyrylo

meh. Ill skip. I rather prefer new DMC instead of DD

Avatar image for PsychicKiller82

Yes please!! Another!

Avatar image for KamuiFei

The game had amazing combat and epic boss fights. Sadly that's all it had. The story/lore, world design, NPCs, etc all fell flat on it's face. If they can fix all of that, they'll have a game that rivals the Souls' games.

Avatar image for Gwarpup

DD combat has yet to be beat by any game. And that counts Dark Souls. But gosh everything else was so unfinished. The World Map half was left unplayable. Story didn't have a real finish, or even direction. But it was still awesome in spite of these faults. Sequel needs to correct those things though and it will be one of the best rpgs ever!

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Avatar image for deactivated-57ac8af80dfb0

I loved Dragon's Dogma...but I doubt the PC release will sell enough to get Capcom to move on a sequel. This isn't a "PC gamers" thing as much as it's a "Capcom will have unrealistic sales expectations".

Avatar image for bloodshed17

Though I doubt they will I really hope they make it for all of the newer consoles. Absolutely loved it on 360 with soooo many hours put in. Have a xone now and cant really afford a ps4. I hope they make it for one as well. DD was a great game. Hopefully there will be more than one save file this time....if it gets made.

Avatar image for rodro

I would buy it.

Avatar image for deadheadbill

Barring a sequel, I would pay again to play DD on PS4. Can't be that hard to upgrade it?

Avatar image for dranwarren

Dragons dogma has great potential....hope they make a great game out of it....in the future...waiting for the pc version...

Avatar image for Alurit

come on guys then, vote with your wallets

Avatar image for kaalkurayami

YES PLEASE GIVE US A DRAGONS DOGMA SEQUEL! The combat system, gameplay, enemies and the world is awesome!

Avatar image for GabrielX-X

Why waiting if pc version sells capcom? Why scare? You know capcom, why am I angry is that you keep waiting and just watch if your games sells well. Do your advertising god dam it! Make a good intro Trailers, interviews, expo ect. Dont release trailers late make it much much early. Look what witcher 3 devs made it. Learn something and stop milk old games, and make new games..

Avatar image for System4Ever

@GabrielX-X: Oh dear god! Learn to speak English.

Avatar image for PsychicKiller82

@System4Ever: What if this person is foreign and trying to learn English?

Avatar image for deadheadbill

@System4Ever Douchebag4Ever huh?:

Avatar image for merwanor

Finally going to finish this game, great game but the console versions was unplayable. I just got so tired of the long loading times and crappy performance. Hope this port is not shitty and that I get to play it smoothly. It has by far the best monster combat in any game.

Avatar image for SavageEvil

@merwanor: Sorry but that excuse is utter rubbish. I finished the game twice with two different characters on PS3. Something is wrong when gamers can always nitpick, the game far from unplayable in fact I have seen PC games run far worse. Console games have to adhere to a certain level of quality and remain playable. So you might want to list this unplayable stuff, what long load times are you even talking about anyway? The BS coming from your post is burning my nostrils. How you figure the combat is the best yet the game unplayable, one shouldest not tell lies!

Avatar image for PsychicKiller82

@SavageEvil: No, there was an update on the 360 if you had a hard drive greater than 120gb it wiped your save file, and another time the save corrupted so yeah it was unplayable and I put 50 plus hours in and it was before dark arisen; so, it might be fixed after the expansion.

Avatar image for finalkain

Hells Yeah. Already have my PC copy of the original pre-ordered

Avatar image for lordshifu

guys how about you help Beamdog by Trent Oster make Baldur's gate 3 and Include all the actions you want from DD in the combat, let Trent Design the campaigns and story and let Chris Avelone fill it with characters and Lore ... will that be too hard!!! ?! People just don't see what can be epic :(

Avatar image for gamingnerd121

As long as they keep the Pawn system for the sequel, improve upon it and everything else, i'm all for it.

Avatar image for Zzshock

@gamingnerd121: so you want everything improved? You must not have liked it...

Avatar image for CIA_BOSS

What about deep down!?

Avatar image for SavageEvil

@CIA_BOSS: Tech Demo and that is all, they need to bury that trash.

Avatar image for el_swanno

@CIA_BOSS: That game has really dropped off the radar. It's a shame. It looked promising.

Avatar image for lordshifu

@el_swanno: it felt too standard... trailers weren't enough!

Avatar image for ank000

I hope Capcom decides to make the sequel. I absolutely love the combat in DD.

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

Capcom needs to stop fucking around and just make the damn sequel already!

The one thing I really want to see in the sequel are vehicles/mounts for your party to travel in, which could be a good replacement for the fast travel system.

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

Capcom needs to stop fucking around and just make the damn sequel already!

Avatar image for m4a5

My only disappointment with DD was that there was no co-op (which is a rare thing to be disappointed in). So I'm hoping for a sequel with a pawn-like co-op. Would love to slay giant monsters with a friend.

Avatar image for jasongm

@m4a5: I agree the Pawn system was okay, but I would of preferred a co-op experience. Maybe more quests and monsters to slay, i was disappointed on how quick you can finish the game (after 2 weeks).

Avatar image for adam

I remember when Deep Down was known only as D.D and all promotional material for it featured knights and dragons. Then they revealed that it wasn't actually a sequal to Dragon's Dogma, I was like, seriously? Anyways, I hope this sells well on PC so Capcom get off their asses and make that sequal, as the original is great! I have 'Into Free' as my alarm on my phone :D

Avatar image for CaptWaffle

Oh pleasepleasepleaseplease..... my only complaint with DD was i wanted MORE..... more classes, spells, abilities, weapons/armor..... there was plenty of everything but i just want more of whatever they had in Dragon'sDogma. Kinda a happier easier Dark Souls with more fluid combat.... not a great comparison but something along those lines.

Avatar image for catsimboy

@CaptWaffle: I consider it sorta like Monster Hunter minus the grind with a touch of Dark Souls. Fighting and climbing on large monsters, breaking parts of their bodies for loot, using that loot to power up your gear. All I want from DD2 is a bigger world with a better fast travel system. DD was brutal before the Dark Arisen edition, having to buy and set up fast travel points yourself and each travel used an expensive magic item.

Avatar image for mickyfinn84

I'd buy a sequel. The first was the best fantasy RPG of the last gen in my opinion, which was surprising because I thought it was gonna be awful after watching the e3 trailer. Luckily I saw the dark arisen version going cheap and decided to give it a go.

Avatar image for StonerDemon

No love at all for Megaman, emo Dante, Deep Down on M.I.A. status.... I don't really know what Capcom is thinking.

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

@StonerDemon: At least they are finally remaking RE2, now we just have to hope against hope that they don't **** it up.

Avatar image for mirage_so3

My biggest complaint with this game was the "beloved" person system. I never talked to anyone but the shop keeper. Then one day the shop keeper is gone for good. Turns out he was my beloved. Awesome.

Avatar image for deactivated-58b0b257815cf

Capcom are idiots not to make a proper sequel.

Avatar image for TruthSerum808

If they make a Dragon's Dogma 2 for next gen systems I will buy it/

Avatar image for yoshikawa12

I think the only game that I still constantly play to this day since the release year of Dragon Dogma is Dragon Dogma itself.

Still have tons of backlog games and only have less and less game time the more I climb the corporate ladder, but this game still have certain something that make me play it again and again despite the average story. Tbh not even The Witcher 3 and FO4 (also love these game btw) gave the same feeling for me personally.

Judging from how well this game received during these years, I still don't get why Capcom don't focus more for this great brand new IP.

Avatar image for Ishiban

Oh, hell yes, I would love a sequel to Dragon's Dogma. All they need to do to make Dragon's Dogma 2 great, is flesh out the lore of the world, make the map a sandbox and make the mobs emergent; everything else about the original was perfect.

Avatar image for Erebus

Such a great game.

The dragons in Skyrim were like *sigh* "There goes another 5 minuites of my life."
The dragons in DD were like *sigh* "There goes another pair of pants."

Also pre-ordered the PC release. Uhm, yes I'd like a sequel. I'll buy it for sure :) ...unless signs of sloppy design are found of course.

Avatar image for rikku45

I hope my hopes don't get crushes again. I was ticked when they announced the online version.

Avatar image for alaindc

I need a Dragon's Dogma sequel. What are you waiting?

If not, make it at least B.C. on Xbox One.

Avatar image for Archangel3371

I just have one thing to say, "Shut up and take my money!"

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