Dragon's Dogma Netflix Anime Trailer Sets Up Familiar Story

Dragon's Dogma will hit Netflix on September 17, and it looks like it'll stick close to the game's narrative.


Netflix has released a trailer for Dragon's Dogma, the anime adaptation of Capcom's RPG of the same name. The show is coming to the streaming service on September 17.

As with the game, it looks like the protagonist will be the "Arisen", although here, he's called Ethan. The Arisen has had his heart stolen by a dragon, his family has been murdered, and he's out for vengeance. As with the game, Ethan has a "pawn" travelling with and protecting him--her name is Hannah, who fans of the game might recognize as a companion character. The trailer also hints at a dark side emerging within Ethan as he's consumed by his mission.

You can watch the trailer below. The anime seems to use a 3D animation style for its characters. The series is being handled by animation studio Sublimation, the studio behind zombie anime movie Walking Meat.

Netflix has previously released a poster and some images for the series, too. It was announced in early 2019.

Dragon's Dogma was released in 2012. A sort-of follow up, Deep Down, was announced ahead of the PS4's launch, and while it never eventuated, producer Yoshinori Ono has said that the project isn't dead yet.

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