Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Coming To Nintendo Switch

Take your Pawns on a roadtrip.


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, the special edition release of the 2012 RPG, is coming to Nintendo Switch. Capcom released an announcement trailer that shows the game as it runs on Nintendo's handheld, and dropped a release date of April 23. It will cost $30.

Dragon's Dogma received a positive reception upon its release in 2012, and Capcom quickly produced the enhanced "Dark Arisen" version with extra content and features on PS3 and Xbox 360. It was later ported to PC and then to PS4 and Xbox One. Dark Arisen included a new Bitterblack Isle dungeon for end-game adventurers, high-level weapons and armor, and visual enhancements. This Switch version will include a tweaked UI to improve visability on the Switch screen, and you can use the online functionality (Pawn trading system) without a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

The high skill ceiling and engrossing larger-than-life battles drew comparisons to the Dark Souls series, among others. It became a cult classic among fans of the emerging subgenre that has become known as Souls-likes. But it was also a uniquely risky game that tried new twists, some of which worked better than others.

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"These are the moments that stand out in a role-playing game destined to be remembered by anyone who plays it," wrote Kevin VanOrd in GameSpot's original Dragon's Dogma review. "Dragon's Dogma takes chances, and it's that riskiness that makes this role-playing game so unique among its peers. Of course, some of those risks will have you groaning in frustration. Dragon's Dogma is many things: a flawed classic, an exciting disaster, a triumphant mess. One thing it isn't is a generic rehash. Dragon's Dogma will remain with you, frustrations and victories alike, when your memories of other games have long since faded."

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