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Dragon's Dogma 2 Trailer Introduces Warfarer Class, Mysterious Dragonplague

Dragon's Dogma 2's latest class encourages you to be a jack of trades.


Capcom is still announcing new content for Dragon's Dogma 2 two months before its release. At the latest State of Play, Capcom revealed the new Warfarer class as well as the dragonsplague and Vocational Mastery concepts.

Vocations are Dragon's Dogma's version of classes. Thanks to Vocational Mastery, you can bond with vocation maisters to unlock certain Vocations or learn high-level skills from them. The Warfarer Vocation, something exclusive to the player-character, lets you swap between a diverse arsenal of weapons and learn skills from multiple vocation maisters. It also empowers the player to create custom combos using skills from more than one Vocation.

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One of Dragon's Dogma 2's famous features is the freedom to customize your playstyle. As seen in the latest trailer, you can attack enemies with weapons from standard swords to long-range magic. Warfarer adds to that freedom with its unique ability to let players experiment with different weapons. However, it's important to note the drawbacks: The Warfarer's lower base stats make it so that it doesn't overpower the other Vocations with more specialized strengths.

Other announcements included an explanation of dragonsplague, a "contagious disease-like condition" that only affects Pawns (your party members). Despite what the term "disease" might suggest, Pawns with dragonsplague actually become stronger and bolder. Rumors have it that someone who dragonsplague reaching the terminal stage can result in "devastating calamity," though the official materials are staying coy on if that's true or not.

Dragon's Dogma 2 comes 12 years after the original Dragon's Dogma, which became a cult classic after its debut in 2012. Capcom published an MMORPG based on the same setting called Dragon's Dogma Online in 2015, but it shut down the servers at the end of 2019 because of the declining number of players. It was a Japanese exclusive, so it couldn't take advantage of a global fanbase. Hopefully Dragon's Dogma 2 changes that.

You can check out GameSpot's preview of Dragon's Dogma 2 from the Tokyo Game Show. If you don't have a preorder yet, you can get one now with a free SteelBook case. You have until March 22, 2024, when Dragon's Dogma 2 launches for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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