Dragon's Crown still clinging onto Japan sales top 10 chart

PS3 and PS Vita versions of Vanillaware-developed beat-em-up has sold 20,845 and 11,153 units respectively for the week of August 5.


A lot of Japanese gamers are still fans of old-school beat-em-ups if this week's sales chart are any indication.

Despite the release of a new One Piece game and the presence of a few other popular 3DS titles, the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Dragon's Crown were clinging on to the top 10 of the Japanese Media Creates sales chart for the week of August 5 (via Neogaf). The PS3 version was at 20,845 units while the PS Vita was at 11,153 units.

w The PS3 version of Dragon's Crown was beaten by three 3DS titles, one of which was Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life which sold 45,793 units. The other two were Mario & Luigi: Dream Team which sold 28,598 units and newcomer One Piece: Romance Dawn, which sold 24,787. The 3DS RPG was a port of the 2012 PSP title of the same name.

On a related note, Killer is Dead was not on the top 10 list. On the last sales update, the PS3 version was at fifth place with 17,709 units sold.

Dragon's Crown was praised for its character classes, 2D art, and combat.

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