Dragon's Dogma Online PS4 is 1080p/60fps, Cross-Platform Play Revealed

Resolution and frame rate details, and more, revealed for the upcoming free-to-play role-playing game.


The PlayStation 4 edition of Capcom's upcoming free-to-play role-playing game Dragon's Dogma Online will run at 1080p with a target frame rate of 60fps, it has now been confirmed.

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Game director Kent Kinoshita revealed the resolution and frame rate details during a recent event in Tokyo, DualShockers reports. The PlayStation 3 edition of the game, meanwhile, will output at 720p/30fps.

DualShockers points out that, of course, Dragon's Dogma Online--like other PS4 games--can't guarantee 60fps for every scene. In fact, the socially inspired game will accommodate as many as 100 players on screen at once, which will more than likely result in some level of frame rate drop.

Also during the event, it was confirmed that Dragon's Dogma Online will support cross-platform play. PS4, PS3, and PC users will all play together on the same servers.

Announced in January, Dragon's Dogma Online is scheduled to launch in Japan later this year. An open-world game, the title appears to play similar to the original Dragon's Dogma (2012) and its Dark Arisen (2013) expansion. Capcom has not yet announced if Dragon's Dogma Online will be released in the West.

You can watch a new trailer for the PS4 edition of Dragon's Dogma Online above. It comes by way of GamesHQMedia.

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