Dragon Quest X Uses Streaming Tech to Come to 3DS in Japan

The 3DS MMO will require you to be online in order to play.


While Dragon Quest fans continue to await news regarding an international release of the latest game in the series, Dragon Quest X, Square Enix has announced that the MMO is coming to a new platform in Japan later this year. The newly announced 3DS version is set for release in September, and to make it possible, the game will run using a streaming system.

Similar to the Android version that's already available, you'll have to be connected to the Internet with your system in order to play. As the vast majority of the game already requires an online connection, this is not as much of an impediment as it might seem at first blush. One of the upsides to this system is the fact that players will be able to play alongside those playing on other platforms, including Wii, Wii U, and PC. This also means 3DS owners should expect a relatively comparable experience (screen size aside), although the game's use of the touchscreen is, shall we say, underwhelming.

Like other versions of the game, DQX on 3DS still requires a subscription fee in order to play. The 3DS version being released on September 4 will retail for 3,800 yen (about $37) and includes some in-game items and 60 days of free play time. Once you've used that up, you'll have to purchase continued access in the form of a 3-day pass (350 yen, or $3.50), 10-day pass (650 yen, or $6.50), or 30-day pass (1,500 yen, or $15).

There is still no official word on DQX ever making it out of Japan, where it was originally released in 2012 on Wii. (We're still waiting on an international release of Dragon Quest VII on 3DS, too.) Earlier this year, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii revealed that the next game in the series is in development, though he didn't say whether that would be Dragon Quest XI or a spin-off or some sort.

Are you still interested in DQX, or after such a long wait, do you no longer care if it's ever released internationally? Let us know in the comments.

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What is this MMO cancer? If i wanted MMO i would play WOW. When i go for Dragon Quest i want a traditional rpg with great story and characters. I...just don't get this anymore. I'm out. I'd rather play the older titles. This made me really sad.

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Lost some interest after seeing the online requirement, lost the rest after reading the monthly charge.

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They can go f off with this kind of rip-off subscription fee just to play one single game.

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3DS is my solution to two hours on the bus everyday between home and work. WTH sort of sense does "always online" make on a portable device that only supports wi-fi?

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I picked up DQ9 Sentinels the other day and I can say unequivocally that it is hands down one of the best RPGs I have played in a long time. Although I'm unsure about the $15/month sub fee !? wtf !

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Please sign this petition to Square Enix to bring more Dragon Quest to North America and Europe.


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I initially bought the Wii in hopes of this game!!! The solo DQ game sucked for Wii!!! I want this game, but on Wii U now....3DS would be fine as well.

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announce a console dragon quest dammit -.- I think it's about time we get a console successor.

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Only in japan will you find an always online mmo on a handheld.

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Bah, I wouldn't mind trying at the MMO concept on the 3ds but Japan exclusive + subscription based = no go for me either way :/

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Its not like there are tons of sp rpgs anymore why cant we get a new dq single player rpg like dragon quest 8? No one wants an mmo except them because it costs way more money.

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shit, this is going to ruin Pokemon for me

Avatar image for Darksimm

Been dying for this MMO to come over this side of the planet since 2012.. Wish they would stop dragging their collective

as ses and release it here already

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DQ9 for the DS was one of the best games I've ever played. I really hope they make a new traditional DQ and bring it state-side.

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Well looks like I'll be passing on this. I wanted to get into these games, but this will make me look elsewhere. It would have been nice to see a regular rpg game, instead of a mmo.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Its ok kiten. you can play it just like a regular RPG game, its different from the mmos your used to seeing. Just read what I said in my large comment above, and look more into the game like most people fail to do before criticizing it.

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@kitty Don't worry. You would have been passing anyway unless you lived in Japan. DQ is quickly becoming a Japan-only series despite it having a good following in the West.

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is he riding on a yellow slime segway?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> yes, he is

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I was really excited for the Wii U hd version I have seen trailers of over a year ago. The Wii U version is amazing looking and it never made it here. I would gladly buy and play the Wii U version for many hours but my interest has lowered because I do not want to face the dissapointment that it probably will never make its way to the US.

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"The 3DS MMO will require you to be online in order to play."

Well done, GameSpot.

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I didn't even know DQX was a MMO till i saw this news feed, I was like "Yesssss a MMO for my 3DS and guess what Jason... its not free" lol.

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what's the difference between an MMORPG and traditional RPG? one is an infinite grind fest that take you nowhere while the other one is fun.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Supposedly DQX is supposed to be very different from most MMORPGs. They developed the game so that it can be completed single-player and they even have a server dedicated for single-player run-throughs. From the sound of it, it really shouldn't be a grind fest.

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A MMO requiring an online connection? WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Next thing you know they'll be telling us people die when they are killed.

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Oh no, please - not another MMO! T_T

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Its good, you just dont know anything about it.

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So having to be online for a MMO is news these days?

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I really wish they'd stop messing up this franchise and begin production on a DQVIII HD Remaster for all current gen consoles then move onto making DQXI and stop making it Nintendo exclusive.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Indeed. Dragon Quest 8 is the last turn-based rpg I truly enjoyed.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Or making it a MMO, Dragon Quest has always been a turn based rpg.

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Dragon Quest yeah!.....MMO.....oh.....never mind

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I got excited when I saw Dragon Quest X, and when I saw MMO, I went back to normal.

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eh......not a fan of subscription based mmos

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I think this is why Square has not brought the game over to the states, maybe? Then again FFXIV is doing well....

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@The_Last_Paladi @freedom01 I mostly have a good reason, since I dont play long sessions (due to work), paying subscription is a waste of money for me

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This news is completely useless on an english speaking site. The fact that there isn't any word on an international version even on pc means this article means nothing to those who cannot read japanese.