Dragon Quest trilogy descends on DS

Square Enix confirms North American redux releases for DQIV, V, and VI on Nintendo's handheld; first installment lands September 16.


Last July, with the E3 Media & Business Summit still fresh in gamers' minds, Square Enix saved one of its most intriguing announcements for the tail end of the month. As revealed by scanned images of Japanese magazine Shonen Jump, the game maker was gearing up for Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI remakes on the Nintendo DS. However, at the time, Square Enix was willing to acknowledge only a Japanese release for the role-playing games.

In the wake of official sites being set up for a pair of the games, Square Enix has officially taken the lid off of the Zenithia Trilogy, saying that Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, and Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie will be released on the DS in North America. Naturally, Dragon Quest IV will lead the pack and will be available domestically on September 16.

Similar to Square Enix's Final Fantasy III and IV remakes for the DS, the Zenithia Trilogy will benefit from a graphical overhaul that updates the game with 3D visuals, new animations, and a dual-screen presentation. Developed by ArtePiazza, the DS edition of Dragon Quest IV is a traditional RPG broken up into chapters. Players first control a diverse group of companions before assuming the role of the game's hero and embarking on an archetypal quest to save the world.

Dragon Quest IV was originally released as Dragon Warrior IV in the US for the NES in 1992, with a rerelease following in 2001 for the original PlayStation. Dragon Quest V and VI have never before been released in North America. Square Enix has not yet revealed a ship date for the second and third games in the Zenithia Trilogy.

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I have been waiting ever since my preorder on V was canceled.I hoped some day Square Enix would see the light and give us V and VI.It is great news even on the DS.I would of loved to see it for the Playstation 2 console since Square thinks the xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 is not suitable.Why not the Nintendo WII since Nintendo was the console that started it all.

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I never played Dragon Quest games. Are they like final fantasy games? each game with its own story?

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I have been praying for this to happen for years. I am the happiest girl in the world. Thank you sooooo much Square Enix for finally bringing your games to the United States on a portable system! Much Love!!!! Shannon

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I've played through all the DQ games and I can confidently say that DQ IV is best in series followed by V & VI respectively! I cannot wait for these releases!

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finally an official release for v and vi. Hopefully they all get release relatively close together

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The Dragon Quest series was known as Dragon Warrior when they came out on the NES. I fondly remember playing Dragon Warrior I, my first traditional RPG.

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Oh yeah. Keep dropping the RPG's on us, SQUARE ENIX. :D

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Coolness. Square Enix = Best Game Company EVER!!!

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I still regret that I missed DQIV on the NES. This is amazing news. I finally get to play as Ragnar!

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I am definitely looking forward to the new releases. Although I don't understand why they make it sound like the US actually got the rerelease of DQIV.

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Dragon Quest IV was the game that got me into RPGs. I was 7 years old when I first played it. God, I loved that game.

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Oh my God, there IS hope for humanity.

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This is great news, I was wondering when we or if we would ever get these games. Two thumbs up.

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i think i just peed myself.

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First the Star Ocean games for the PSP and Now 3 DQ games for the DS keep up the good work SE ;)

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Confirmed for Europe too ! :)

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Nice, I haven't really had an interest in playing my DS since the last Zelda game. But I'll most likely try these out.

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No Grind Quest for me, thank you.

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Best news ever.

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This news makes me cry tears of JOY!

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I hope they are better than DQ8. That one bored me to tears.

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So the only two numbered DQ games that weren't released here finally make it. This is long overdue.

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At last!

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finally =b

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"I met a butterfly the other day... I was just hanging out in the backyard, about to mow the lawn, when a monarch butterfly flew over and landed on my finger. I asked him what he wanted. And he said: 'Remake the Dragon Quest series.' ...... I truely feel like I was visited by an angel that day."

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Awwwwhhh yea! It's so satisfyin'!

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Dirk13 > First, Square is the same company as this. While its Enix's baby, they could every well up and mess the heck out of the game. Secondly, Its an NES game, so pimping it out wouldn't matter too much since the game wouldn't take up much memory to begin with. while its getting a graphic overhaul, its still only going to be easy on the DS since its only 1 game. Third and finally, 1-3 was already released, granted on the GBC. At least the Enix portion of Squeenix isn't milking the series. Glad they finally release those 3. I never got a chance to play DW4, and adding 5 and 6 to the US Side helps a lot.

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oh and here I thought it would be future Dragon Quests.

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Big yay!

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Finally, I will have more then just one DS game and a bunch of FF GBA remakes. lol.

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I'm so excited!I can't wait for September to come!!!

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Thank you GOD!!!!! I've been praying for this since 1993

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So awesome! So stoked!

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YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sweet.

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i'm glad they're remaking it, specifically not in the lame 3D way Square is doing FF3,4 and possibly 6. Although i kind of wish they utitlized something slightly more powerful, like the PSP, even with a 2d souped up remake, granted though since it's DQ i dont think that would ever happen. further more, what about 1-3???

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wow...that is just ...AWSOME!!!!

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crap now I have to rebuy a DS... again... oh well Dragon Quest is worth it :) But I'm definately gunna have to get a Phat. I hate the DS lites D-pad.

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This is the best news I've heard in a long time! It's been what feels like forever since I played Dragon Warrior 4...I never pre-order games, but I will be for September 16th!

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Hearing this news just made my day =)

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@ Warjilis : Best Comment Ever.

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Dragon Warrior IV is one of the greatest NES RPGs ever made. Dragon Warrior/Quest in general is one of the best RPG series ever. It's about time they announced these for the US. Pre-ordered

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Haven't seen DQ 4, 5, or 6 ever, and am looking forward to playing it on my DS Lite!

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Warjilis: "This proves that Jesus loves us." No truer words have ever been spoken

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Why not for PSP? Damn it!