Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai: A Hero's Bond Announces Free Anniversary Bonuses

The Dragon Quest mobile game is giving away a bunch of freebies to celebrate its first anniversary.


To celebrate one year since its release, Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds is giving away a bunch of freebies as part of an anniversary event. Players who log in during the event will be able to redeem free Blue Gems, Treasure Keys, and more.

The bulk of the freebies will be given away as part of a login event, which will reward up to seven lots of ten free Treasure Keys, allowing up to 70 free Treasure Hunts as part of the event. Blue Gems and other useful items like Level-Up Challenge Tickets will also be available from the login event. To get the most out of these bonuses, players will have to log in every day until October 10 to redeem their rewards. Players will also get a one-off anniversary gift of 3000 Blue Gems.

The event also introduces new equipment and special moves, which are showcased in the anniversary trailer. These include the Sword of Bonds and Bond Equipment, and the Staff of Bonds & Bond Equipment, which are available in limited Treasure Hunts.

Players who want to unlock Dai's new Luminary Leader Outfit can play through the Hero's Hall event, which runs until October 10.

Anyone who is only just picking up the game will also be able to redeem a handful of freebies when they start, including 6000 Blue Gems, free special moves and 4-star weapons for Popp and Crocodine, and one guaranteed 4-star Treasure Hunt.

While Dragon Quest is most well-known as a game franchise, the mobile title is based on the recent anime adaptation The Adventure of Dai, hence its awkwardly long title. The game is free-to-start on both iOS and Android, with microtransactions available in game.

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