Dragon Quest Tact Launching On Mobile This Month

A mobile strategy spin-off based on the world of Dragon Quest is coming soon, and you can pre-register for a bonus now.


Square Enix has announced a release date for Dragon Quest Tact, a mobile spin-off in the Dragon Quest series. Originally launched last year in Japan, the strategy game will launch on January 27 in the West.

Pre-registration opened today on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Pre-registering for the game will grant you a King Slime monster for use in the game once it launches.

Dragon Quest Tact is a grid-based tactics game featuring monsters from the Dragon Quest series as playable units. You can take your army of Slimes, Hybirds, and Hammerhoods to fight against the evil forces threatening the land of Orchesterra. Each monster has its own strength and rarity level, and Square promises a range of free monsters that will let you build out your army without paying.

Dragon Quest Tact is directed by Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, with music from Koichi Sugiyama.

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