Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Preorders Include Helpful In-Game Items As Bonuses

Give yourself a leg up in Square Enix's upcoming monster-taming adventure.


Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is set to launch for Nintendo Switch on December 1, marking the second year in a row Nintendo fans are getting an exclusive Dragon Quest spin-off (Dragon Quest Treasures released in 2022) and preorders are already available for the upcoming monster-taming RPG at multiple retailers. While Square Enix has only announced a standard edition of Dragon Quest Monster: The Dark Prince, there are a few preorder bonuses to look forward to if you buy your copy ahead of time, and this guide will show you where to preorder physical and digital copies of the game.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince preorder bonuses

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince preorders come bundled with several in-game items to aid players in the early portion of their adventure, including:

  • The "Head Start" item set
  • Stardust Earrings x1
  • Scholar's Specs x1
  • Bonus Ball x3

So far, these bonuses are only listed on Square Enix's official online store and not at any other retailer, but it's possible these items will be included with all preorders.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is the latest entry in Dragon Quest's long-running spin-off series that started back on the Game Boy Color, and the newest Dragon Quest Monsters game to release in North America since Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 on the Nintendo DS.

Unlike the main Dragon Quest series, where players control a party of bespoke characters teaming up for an adventure, the Dragon Quest Monsters titles cast players as creature-taming heroes that recruit and train their own roster of iconic Dragon Quest baddies to use in battle against enemies. Fans of Pokemon should definitely keep an eye on Dragon Quest Monster: The Dark Prince. The latest entry in the series adds a new monster blending mechanic that lets you combine two monsters on your team to create stronger creatures. You can read more about the game and check out the announcement trailer here.

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