Dragon Quest Monsters now Shipping

Enix's Dragon Quest Monsters for the Game Boy Color is now shipping.


Eidos Interactive and Enix America announced that Dragon Warrior Monsters for the Game Boy Color is now shipping. Based on the popular Dragon Warrior series, the game puts players in the role of Terry, a young hero whose sister is kidnapped by a monster who flees to the Kingdom of GreatTree. To rescue his sister, Terry must recruit, train, battle, and breed an army of monsters to win the Starry Night Tournament and free his sister.

The game features over 200 unique monsters across ten separate families. Players can completely customize their menagerie and create specific monsters by mating the appropriate parents; the offspring will inherit the skills and magic abilities of the parents and grandparents. You can also connect with your friend's Game Boy Color with the Link Cable and fight and trade monsters with each other.

Expect a review of Dragon Warrior Monsters coming soon.

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