Dragon Quest Builders 2 Getting Even Bigger "Jumbo" Demo For Switch And PS4

Build and battle with a much more substantial DQ Builders 2 demo.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been out for a while, along with a demo that gives a slight taste of the action RPG with a substantial dose of Minecraft-like building mechanics. In case a more substantial sampling will make a builder out of you, Square Enix is releasing a new "Jumbo" demo on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

The tweet from Nintendo of America says the new demo will let you play up to Furrowfield Island, and a follow-up tweet from the Dragon Quest account says you can take part in some farming and transfer your data to the full game.

This isn't Dragon Quest's first massive demo on Nintendo Switch. Earlier this year Square Enix released a huge demo for Dragon Quest 11, which let you play the first 10 hours and then transfer progress to the main game. Builders 2 isn't quite as sprawling as that RPG, but it's still a sizable game, and as the first major area Furrowfield is where the game starts to explain a lot of its mechanics and rhythm.

Builders 2, like the first one, takes the aesthetic and parts of story from the Dragon Quest games and puts them into a block-based world. Quests may involve clearing out monsters from a location, but most of the game revolves around building structures like living spaces for your citizens.

"Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a great game, combining exploration, sandbox-building, questing, and town-management into a delightful package that will gladly suck up your time and put a big smile on your face," said Heidi Kemps in GameSpot's review. "It's the sort of game that you'll intend to play for a little while, only to find that hours have flown by once you manage to actually put it down. Don't dismiss this one when you see big square blocks on the box--you'll be missing out on a very fun twist on an excellent gaming foundation."

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