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Dragon Quest 3 HD Remake Announced

During the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary stream, Square-Enix revealed a special "HD-2D" remake of one of the series' finest games is on the way.


Just revealed during the 35th anniversary stream celebrating the Dragon Quest series, it was announced that Dragon Quest III will receive a remake. Dubbed as a "HD-2D" remake, the new Dragon Quest III will re-imagine the original game with updated high-quality sprites with 3D visuals--giving it a look that blends 2D animation with 3D scale and depth.

In the reveal trailer, we got to see a good deal of the game in action, showcasing the familiar world and dungeon exploration, along with turn-based combat--all familiar tenets of the Dragon Quest series. After its reveal, Dragon Quest III remake producer Masaaki Hayasaka--who previously worked on Octopath Traveler--explained that the intent that was to honor the original, while also giving players familiar and unfamiliar with the original a way to experience it with "fresh eyes." After the reveal, the producer stated that the game will be planned for a simultaneous worldwide release, though no release date has been stated just yet.

Also revealed during the stream was the next mainline entry in the series, Dragon Quest XII: The Flames Of Fate, which will also be set for a worldwide release. In addition to that, a new expansion and offline version of Dragon Quest X is also on the way--however, that won't be released outside of Japan.

For more on the Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake and DQXII, be sure to check back with GameSpot as we lead into the summer games season with our Play For All 2021 coverage.

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