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Dragon Quest 11's Monster Riding System Detailed

Take a look at some of the game's new monster mounts.


In addition to the recently detailed Zone and Link battle systems, Square Enix has revealed another new gameplay mechanic in Dragon Quest XI: monster riding.

Unlike other installments in the series, Dragon Quest XI allows players to ride certain monsters after defeating them in battle, using the monster's abilities to reach otherwise inaccessible areas of the world. Each mount allows players to cross a specific type of terrain; a giant bee, for instance, can ferry players over lakes, while the skeletal Skull Rider can scale cliffs and dungeon walls.

Square Enix has updated the Japanese Dragon Quest XI website with a gallery of new images showcasing some of the game's monster mounts. You can take a look at the PS4 screenshots below.

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Dragon Quest XI is being developed simultaneously for PS4 and 3DS and launches in Japan on July 29. The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch, though there currently isn't a release date for that particular version. Square Enix still hasn't announced if it plans to release Dragon Quest XI in the West; likewise, there's no word if the special edition Dragon Quest-themed PS4 and the Liquid Metal Slime New 2DS XL will make their way outside of Japan.

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