Dragon Quest 11 PS4 Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Reserve Dragon Quest XI from Amazon or GameStop and get some helpful in-game items.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age launches for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam this September, and those who reserve the PS4 version ahead of its release will get a few extra goodies with the game. Square Enix has revealed pre-order bonuses for Dragon Quest XI, which will vary depending on where you purchase the title.

Those who reserve the title from GameStop will receive a set of eight exclusive buttons, featuring the game's main cast of characters. On top of that, players will also receive a pair of in-game bonuses: the Elevating Vest and a pack of three Seeds of Skill.

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The Elevating Vest is a piece of equipment that grants the character wearing it extra experience points after a battle. The Seeds of Skill, meanwhile, are consumable items that bestow an extra skill point on the character who eats them. You can take a look at GameStop's pre-order bonuses below.

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Dragon Quest XI is also available for pre-order from Amazon, and players who reserve the title there will receive a slighly different pack of in-game bonus items. Along with the aforementioned three Seeds of Skill, Amazon's pre-order pack contains the Arriviste's Vest, a "glitzy gold waistcoat" that awards players with extra money after a battle.

Dragon Quest XI launches for PS4 and PC on September 4. A 3DS version was released in Japan, but Square Enix confirmed that edition won't be localized. Dragon Quest XI is also in development for Nintendo Switch, although that version won't be available until "much later" due to technical reasons.

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