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Dragon Nest SEA gets new class update

New Academic class can branch out to either tanker or healer roles.

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Shanda Games International recently announced that the next update for the Southeast Asian version of MMO Dragon Nest will be released on April 24. The update will add in a new class called the Academic.

The new class is billed as a ranged character who has the ability to use cannons and bubble guns, primarily focused on area-of-effects attacks. The Academic can also summon a robot called Alfredo which can act as a tank to control small mobs.

The Academic can become either an Alchemist or Engineer later on.
The Academic can become either an Alchemist or Engineer later on.

Upon reaching level 15, the class can be upgraded further to either the Engineer or Alchemist sub-class. The former is focused on using special cannon attacks and summoning mecha ducks and mecha towers, while the latter is able to cast elemental, poison, and healing magic.

Gamers interested in more Dragon Nest action and are based in Singapore can check out the Shanda Games Invitational tournament that will be held from April 19 to April 21 in the Funan Digitalife mall, Singapore.

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