Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors E3 2004 Preshow First Look

Goku returns, and the battle to save the world continues in this high-flying 2D action game.


In the world of Dragon Ball Z, it was inevitable that another cretin would set its sights on the world and come to claim the whole world as its own. And as if that weren't enough, the destruction of the universe was sure to follow. When it wasn't Frieza, it was the androids. When it wasn't the androids, it was Cell. Then came Buu, and finally Kid Buu. How embarrassing it must be to get your face rubbed in the dirt by a kid one-quarter your size.

The high-flying action and fast-paced adventure continues in Dragon Ball: Supersonic Warriors. For the first time, Game Boy Advance users will be able to use 15 different playable characters and take the battle to the skies to experience Dragon Ball Z in an all-new way. During all modes of play, free-flight aerial combat is fused with traditional 2D fighting to bring the complete Dragon Ball Z experience to a mobile platform. Use regular fighting skills or high-intensity energy attacks to decimate your opponent.

In single-player mode, play through the immersive Dragon Ball Z storylines to discover the multitude of alternate endings available. Purchase fighting skills and upgrade difficulty levels to customize your character and your gaming experience to better suit the Dragon Ball Z world you envision. And when you're tired of that, link up with a friend using the GBA link cable to engage in massive tag-team battles and relive the story in a completely new way. Dragon Ball Z fans with Game Boy Advances have something to look forward to with this upcoming release from Atari. The game should be released in June.

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