Dragon Ball Z heads to the GBA

Infogrames' first Dragon Ball Z game will be released on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.


Infogrames' Wizard Works division has announced the first game under its recently acquired Dragon Ball Z license. The game, titled The Legacy of Goku, is in development for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The Legacy of Goku immerses players in the world of Dragon Ball Z as they adventure through various environments in a quest to save Earth from the Saiyans and save the galaxy from the evil Frieza. In the game, Goku's son has been kidnapped, and at the same time, a powerful alien race has descended upon Earth in search of the elusive Dragon Balls. It is up to Goku and his friends to retrieve his son and the Dragon Balls and stop the evil Frieza from destroying the galaxy.

The game's story mode is set up in a series of chapters. Players can move from one chapter to the next, completing a series of quests and taking part in battle, or they can choose to play several chapters at once, simultaneously controlling different characters. There will be elements of character development in the gameplay, as players can build and maximize their character's powers and achieve a balance between Melee and Ki fighting.

"Dragon Ball Z has a loyal following in the millions, and our primary goal with The Legacy of Goku is to provide them with a compelling interactive game that stays true to the cartoon series,'' said Paul Rinde, senior vice president and general manager of Wizard Works. "To that end, we've incorporated the same distinctive visual style and deep character development and combined them with proven game features such as multiplay and dynamic storytelling."

The Legacy of Goku is being developed by Webfoot Technologies. A specific release date has not been announced at this time. Dragon Ball Z games are also in development for console platforms.

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