Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Announced At Comic-Con, First Clip Revealed

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the next installment in the series, and the first clip was revealed.


There is a new Dragon Ball movie coming. During a Comic-Con@Home panel, the title for the film was revealed, and it's super. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will arrive sometime in 2022.

A very brief clip was revealed that featured Goku doing a kick with a white background and was released mainly to show off the new animation style. Check it out for yourself below.

This clip, however, isn't actually from the upcoming movie. As Dragon Ball executive producer Akio Iyoku explained, "We wanted to show what Goku will look like, his movement, and feeling. It's not actually a scene in the movie, but we hope you look forward to it"

"We're trying new things, so we'd like you to watch many times to see what sort of ingenuity we're making with him," said Norihiro Hayashida, producer of the Dragon Ball series. He wouldn't get into specific details about the changes but encouraged viewers to watch the clip several times to find out more.

Additionally, the panel showed off new character designs for Piccolo--both with his cape and without--Pan, Krillin--who is in a police officer's uniform--and a few other surprises. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will arrive sometime in 2022.

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