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Dragon Ball Super Blu-Ray Box Set Comes With 10 Steelbook Cases

Relive the God of Destruction and Universal Survival sagas with this massive Dragon Ball Super box set.


The 2010s were a great time to be a Dragon Ball fan, as the franchise made a huge return to TV with Dragon Ball Super. Set a few years after the Majin Buu saga, Dragon Ball Super saw Goku, Vegeta, the rest of Earth's mightiest warriors, and Krillin face new threats across the entire universe. If you've been looking to rewatch this entire saga, preorders are now live for Dragon Ball Super: The Complete Collection on Blu-ray ahead of its July 31 release.

The eye-catching box set is currently priced at $180, down from $200, on the Crunchyroll Store. For a limited time, you can knock the price down to $153 with promo code CRNEW.

The set includes 20 Blu-ray discs packaged in 10 stylish steelbook cases. Each steelbook has its own individual slot inside a slick box with a metallic finish. The box is decorated with the dragon Shenron on the front and an ornate pattern on the other sides. You couldn't wish for a better way to store these Blu-rays, even if you did summon Shenron!

Dragon Ball Super: The Complete Collection
Dragon Ball Super: The Complete Collection

As for the extras, there's a whole lot here to enjoy. The bonus content ranges from cleaned-up credit sequences to interviews with the voice actor cast of the English dub, and there are a few other cute extras to enjoy as well. Here's the full list:

  • Catching Up on the Dragon Ball Universe: Sonny Strait and Savannah Ligaluppi
  • Catching Up on the Dragon Ball Universe: Christopher R. Sabat and Hero D. Sabat
  • Textless Opening and Closing Songs
  • Watching Dragon Ball Super: with Jason Douglas and Ian Sinclair
  • Anime Expo 2017: Interview with Sean Schemmel and Jason Douglas
  • Dragon Ball Super: An Interview with Sean Schemmel
  • Coffee Break with Mai and Trunks
  • Dragon Ball Super at Anime Expo 2018: Interviews with Sonny Strait, Matthew Mercer, and Kyle Hebert
  • Dragon Ball Super: Rawly Pickens and Chuck Huber Answer Twitter
  • Dragon Ball Super: Two Humans and an Android
  • Dragon Ball Super: Twitter Q&A with Sarah Wiedenheft and Dawn Bennett
  • Dragon Ball Super: Interview with Patrick Seitz and Kyle Hebert

If you haven't watched Dragon Ball Super, you're missing out on a very intense sequel series to Dragon Ball Z. The show saw both Goku and Vegeta unlock more powerful Super Saiyan transformations, as well as get knocked down several pegs on the power level ladder when they crossed paths with absurdly strong characters like Beerus, the god of destruction, and warriors from other universes. Several Dragon Ball Super feature films were also released, and two of them were adapted into the main anime series. They're worth checking out if you want to skip through a season or two of the anime, and witness some incredible animation in the process as well.

Lastly, you can complete your collection with some classic Dragon Ball anime! Dragon Ball Z still holds up as an action-packed romp across the cosmos, and with Amazon's exclusive collector's set, you can get all nine seasons for $168 on Blu-ray. Alternatively, the DVD box set of Dragon Ball GT is pretty cheap, and while it wasn't well-received during its first run, fans have come around to this sort-of-canon Dragon Ball Z sequel series over the years. Its handcrafted animation still looks fantastic, and the back-to-basics adventure approach made for a fun show. Plus, it introduced the Super Saiyan 4 transformation, which is the best Super Saiyan form.

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