Dragon Ball: Origins sequel due June 22

Second installment in Namco Bandai, Game Republic's action adventure goes gold for DS, DSi release next month; demo drops May 31.


Dragon Ball: Origins 2

Origin stories are often lengthy tales to tell and Namco Bandai's most recent effort, Dragon Ball: Origins 2, which extends the fiction of the original, is no different. It's a direct follow-up to 2008's Dragon Ball: Origins, and Namco cemented its arrival date recently by revealing a June 22 North American debut exclusively on the Nintendo DS and DSi.

Goku also has a thing for lawn bowling.
Goku also has a thing for lawn bowling.

With five weeks separating today and its release in June, Dragon Ball: Origins 2, which is based on the manga fiction, has gone gold. As such, developer Game Republic has concluded work on it and the game is ready to be mass produced and shipped to retailers.

A demo for Dragon Ball: Origins 2 will become available through the Nintendo Wii, via the Nintendo Channel, beginning Monday, May 31. According to Namco's official description, the demo is a single-level trial incorporating many of the game's components, including a boss battle.

When the finished product arrives, it will afford players the ability to fight the evil Red Ribbon Army with not only protagonist Goku, but also fellow series characters Krillin, Bulma, Yamcha, and more. These characters each have unique abilities and power-ups drawn from the anime.

On top of the single-player experience is a cooperative mode, where two players can partake in challenges via a local wireless connection. Additionally, Namco stated characters can be transferred from single-player to multiplayer.

From more on the franchise, check out GameSpot's review of the original Dragon Ball Origins released in 2008.

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