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Dragon Ball Manga Box Sets Get Amazing Discounts At Amazon

The Dragon Ball Complete Box Set collects everything up to the Dragon Ball Z sagas.


Being stuck at home can suck, but there are some great ways to kill the time and make it a little easier on yourself. One of those is to read a great book, and what book could be greater than the story of Goku? Fortunately, Amazon has some excellent deals on the entire Dragon Ball manga series right now. The Dragon Ball Complete Box Set is only $87.82, down from $140, while the Dragon Ball Z Complete Box Set is $129.74, down from $220. Both box sets are absolute steals at those prices, especially when you consider that together they consist of 42 books ranging from Goku's very first adventures to him and his friends fighting to save Earth on multiple occasions.

The Dragon Ball Complete Box Set consists of the first 16 volumes leading up to the Dragon Ball Z sagas. The Dragon Ball Z Complete Box Set takes over for the next 26 volumes, leading all the way to the end of the original Dragon Ball manga--the Z name was only present for the anime. Both sets come in boxes adorned with creator Akira Toriyama's beautiful artwork, accompanied by double-sided posters and collector's booklets.

Dragon Ball manga box sets

$87.82 ($140) and $129.74 ($220)

Dragon Ball manga box sets
Dragon Ball manga box sets

If you're a Dragon Ball fan who just can't get enough, you should also check out the latest game in the series, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. On Amazon, the PS4 version is $40, while the Xbox One version is $35--both down from $60. For PC, you can snag a Steam code from Voidu for only $36.97. GameSpot's Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot review praised its "charming side stories and character interactions" and "beautiful in-engine cutscenes," though critic Heidi Kemps lamented its simplistic and repetitive combat.

"Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's modern, semi-open approach to telling the saga of DBZ--despite some minor issues--is a good one," she wrote. "And even though combat can be a bit lacking, when the big battles happen, they feel suitably epic and engaging. If you're looking for an enjoyable way to see the life and times of adult Goku through a new perspective, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will grant your wish."

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