Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour Happening This Saturday

Bandai Namco is kicking off 12 hours of competition and Dragon Ball video game announcements on March 6.


If you're starved for content starring anime's loudest brawlers, this Saturday's Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour will likely be something worth watching. While it uses Dragon Ball Z's definition of an hour and is actually a 12-hour long event, there'll be plenty of competitive content between top players across games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Legends, and Dragon Ball Super Card Game on March 6.

An online arena lobby will allow fans and participants to interact with each other in an attempt to create an in-person environment during the event. Fans can create a unique avatar and use the lobby emote functions to cheer the competitors on during their respective games.

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Bandai Namco also added that during the closing ceremony there will be announcements made from various Dragon Ball games. Dragon Ball GT's Super Baby 2 was added in January to Dragon Ball FighterZ, the penultimate character in the game's FighterZ Pass 3 DLC bundle. The last spot on that season pass belongs to Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, the fusion of Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta. It's likely that Bandai Namco could provide a brief teaser of one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball history fighting during the closing ceremony.

It's also been quite a while since Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot revealed any news on its final DLC chapter. A New Power Awakens Part 2 was launched back in November 2020 and introduced Super Saiyan Blue transformations to the action-RPG. Since then word on just which saga Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will focus on next hasn't been revealed, but a new screenshot for the game from the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour has fans convinced that the Tournament of Power arc will be revealed on the weekend.

The closing ceremony will take place at 10 PM PT March 6 / 1 AM ET March 7, and will run for an hour. For a more detailed breakdown of all the action going on at the Dragon Ball Battle Hour, you can check out the official timetable right here.

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