Dragon Ball FighterZ: How To Unlock Android 21, SSGSS Vegeta, And SSGSS Goku

Below you can find out how to unlock the game's secret FighterZ.


Dragon Ball FighterZ sports a large roster filled with iconic characters from the incredibly popular Dragon Ball series. With 21 different fighters to choose from at first, there are a lot of options. However, there are actually three secret characters you can unlock: Android 21, SSGSS Goku, and SSGSS Vegeta. Earning the right to play them requires you to fulfill specific conditions, so we've compiled the details below.

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Android 21

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Android 21, a new character designed by series creator Akira Toriyama, is a central figure in Dragon Ball FighterZ's story mode. She's a Red Ribbon Army scientist with an intellect similar to Dr. Gero. While she wears a white lab coat and has a human-like appearance in the game's cutscenes, her playable form sees her with long white hair and pink skin similar to iconic villain Majin Buu.

How to Unlock: Android 21 is unlocked by beating all three story arcs of the game's story mode.


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The Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (SSGSS) aka Super Saiyan Blue is an incredibly powerful form introduced in the movie, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. Goku describes it as occurring when a "Saiyan with the power of a Super Saiyan God further transforms himself into a Super Saiyan."

How to Unlock: SSGSS Goku is unlocked by earning an A-Rank in the Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course (Hard) in Arcade Mode. This course is initially hidden; to unlock it, you must first beat the normal Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course.

SSGSS Vegeta

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Never content with being second best, Vegeta also achieves the powerful Super Saiyan Blue form. He inevitably achieves it through Ki control in Dragon Ball Super.

How to Unlock: SSGSS Vegeta is unlocked by earning an A-Rank in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course (Hard) in Arcade Mode. This course is initially hidden; to unlock it, you must first beat the normal Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course.

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