Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Season Pass Announced, Adds 8 New Playable Characters

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Dragon Ball FighterZ Release Date & Season Pass Revealed

Bandai Namco has shared a lot of exciting news about Dragon Ball FighterZ today. On top of announcing a release date for the highly anticipated fighting game, as well as an upcoming open beta for PS4 and Xbox One, today the publisher revealed the first details about the game's DLC character pass.

Following the game's launch, players will have the option to purchase the FighterZ Pass, which grants access to a slate of DLC characters "at a discounted price." The pass costs $35 and gives players access to eight new characters when they're released. Bandai Namco hasn't hinted at which characters will be included, but they'll come alongside their respective stamps and lobby avatars.

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So far, Bandai Namco has revealed 18 characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ, including fan favorites like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Future Trunks, and Android 18. Most recently, we learned that two more villains, Nappa and Captain Ginyu, will also be playable characters. You can see all the Dragon Ball FighterZ characters in our roundup.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in the US and Europe on January 26, 2018. PS4 and Xbox One players who pre-order the digital version will get early access to the game's open beta, though Bandai Namco hasn't revealed any timing details. Pre-ordering the title also unlocks Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta early.

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Avatar image for woodstar22

my ideal list would be

Playable Android 17 (hes currently a major part in Super and would make sense being added to the playable roster)

Caulifla /w Kale support and possible LVL 3 fusion for Kefla as either a power up such as Frieza turning Golden, or just as a powered up to look flashy for a big move like Goku SS3 Kamehameha

Cabba, also been a big part of DBS and become a fan favourite

Radditz, DBZs first villian were introduced too and Gokus brother and could have good potential, if Yamcha can be made a good character to use, so can Radditz

Toppo, further down the line when we know more about his move sets, possibly with 2 lvl3s similar to android 16 with one using the GOD transformation when <20% health or something

Jiren, again further down the line when more is known about his moveset

Avatar image for ecthelion29

Here's who i think the 8 characters will be :

-Goku Black



-Broly or Kale ( i dont see them both being in the game, being so similar )




-Ultra instinct Goku

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

I'll gladly wait 1 year for the complete/ultimate edition.....

Avatar image for rarerichz

not paying 44 99 cad for 8 characters i'll pass , pirate it is on pc. this is bullshit , so much momentum and they just pull a Capcom before the end of the year.

Avatar image for tony56723

And there's goes my interest sadly

Avatar image for sakaixx

Is broli in the game? Cause 99% broli gonna be a dlc character if he is not in the game.

Avatar image for fanboyman

@sakaixx: Of course Broly is gonna be DLC, I guarantee they're not giving us that character with the game.

Avatar image for BLiTZ_156

Eng Dub Music (Bruce Faulconer) is also a paid DLC... *sigh*

You can only get Beta access pre-ordering the digital edition *sigh*

Most expensive Collector's Edition won't come with any DLC or Season Pass, they need to be purchased separately. Unless you buy the Digital only Ultimate Edition which doesn't have any of the Collector's stuff.

Avatar image for videogameninja

@BLiTZ_156: The collector's edition doesn't come with any of that stuff???!!!


Avatar image for fanboyman

@videogameninja: It's so my Ninja :(

Avatar image for videogameninja


Great :(

Don't know how to feel about this.


Avatar image for rickjamesia

I'm slightly torn on this... Arc characters are usually ridiculously varied to the point that every new character is almost like a whole new fighting system, but Dragon Ball is a franchise that's sort of incredibly limiting to that originality. I like Dragon Ball, but everyone sort of mostly fights just about the same way after the Namek Saga, except for a few signature attacks. If this were an original game or many other franchises they could make a game for, every character would be worth the $4+. That said, they may somehow be able to work their magic and make every character feel unique. There's a couple of similar characters between Blazblue and Guilty Gear that still end up feeling different enough to have to relearn everything.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

Wow. They just took a hose to my anticipation. I'll wait for the complete edition.

Avatar image for KaonGheta

I assume they will only announce a couple or few more characters by the time of release.

This game was shaping up to be something that could've been considered the best or one of the best DB games, but I can't even put it in the top 5 if it only has around 22 characters and they make you pay the price of a videogame just to go to 30 characters.

These days a 2D fighter should be able to churn out 40-50 characters before DLC and still be high quality, and DBZ is one of the series that demand a huge roster to be successful. Along with Koei's Musou games like Dynasty Warriors, it always flaunts some of the biggest rosters ever and leaves many empty if they don't even get close.

Avatar image for OniLordAsmodeus

$95 (Game + Pass) UUGGHH! And I don't even want to imagine what bundles they will have as well.

I normally don't even care about these things, but I notice the price tag just going up and up. MKX had a pass for $25 (?), so did Injustice. I think SF5 had a pass to for $25 or $30. DBZ? $35? Soon the pass will be the same amount as the game proper. SMH.

Avatar image for fanboyman

@OniLordAsmodeus: SFV season pass was $30 a season (30X2=60) so we're already kind of there.

Avatar image for gleencross

@OniLordAsmodeus: it's outrageous, but at least there's a solution: just don't buy the damn game. And I'm not saying this because I am a asshole or anything, it's simply the reality. This hobby is becoming more and more impracticable. Even if we have easy access for piracy and etc, it's sad to depend on this gimmick. If people didn't showed a huge spark of interest, after all this is like the 56984 game in the DB universe, I highly doubt this game would have 8 DLC characters. Recently I had a experience with Dawn of War 3, a popular PC franchise who is being bashed by players. The developer revamped the whole game, released tons of free content, offered the game for free in the weekend, etc.. That's what happened when the community stand up.

Avatar image for videogameninja

Normally I don't go for the whole season pass thing but considering I've been waiting for this type of Dragon ball game since the mid 90's I think it's fair to say that an exception can be made.

Wonder how many of those new DLC characters will be drawn from the new Super series. Considering the long and extensive list of characters from the Z saga I wouldn't imagine many but then again perhaps they will want to build on the momentum of a newer and ongoing series.


Avatar image for davillain-

I'll only buy the season pass if it includes Caulifla the first ever Super Saiyan/2 female in the Dragon Ball universe but until then, I'll stick to the standard edition.

Avatar image for prince_david

35$ for new characters.. not even costumes. Characters. Wow.

Avatar image for rasterror

If the characters consist of Janemba, Bojack, Super 13, and Ultra Instinct Goku then I'm game. I can't wait for this.

Avatar image for videogameninja

@rasterror: I have no doubt we will see series/movie favorites like Broly thrown in the mix but the truth of the matter is that there is such an extensive list of characters in the Dragon Ball franchise they could keep churning out character after character for multiple "seasons".

Truth is that's actually not necessarily a bad thing as I'm sure there are many out there that will want to play as their favorite DB character in a game that many feel has been long overdue.


Avatar image for twashington8

Bart Scott: "Cant wait!"