Dragon Ball FighterZ Dev Comments On Switch Version, Cross-Play

Sounds like no Switch version or cross-play.

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The exciting-looking fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ could come to Nintendo Switch, though it sounds like it won't happen anytime soon. At the Evo 2017 tournament this weekend, producer Tomoko Hiroki said the developer is focusing on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2's Switch version first before thinking about what comes next.

"We want players to first go there," Hiroki said about bringing Xenoverse 2 to Switch, according to Destructoid. "And then we can talk about FighterZ."

Xenoverse 2 comes out for Switch in September, so the hypothetical Switch version of FighterZ would follow sometime after that.

Another hot topic for multiplayer gaming these days is cross-play, and we now know FighterZ will not support this. Hiroki told Shonen Games (via BleedingCool) that there won't be cross-play between consoles and/or PC.

In other news about Dragon Ball FighterZ, the next character, Trunks, was also announced at Evo this weekend. You can learn more and watch a trailer here.

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Avatar image for nelson85

But but but Mario, Zelda we don't need 3rd party games bwhaaaaa!!

Avatar image for huibert

Just what I was afraid of, this isn't FIFA, it's two entirely different games. Sigh.

Avatar image for SprSynJn

If the game sells well, and the Switch continues on with its popularity, then it will come to pass I am sure. That is pretty standard in this industry.

Avatar image for videogameninja

Looks like they will be using the sales/success of Xenoverse 2 as a sign of whether or not to invest their time in bringing Dragon ball Fighter Z to the Switch. While I understand their reasoning I still think the 2 games are vastly different. “WHAT Ninja?! You’re insane.” Duly noted, but the truth is that while both may appear to be similar thanks in part to their subject matter (Dragon Ball.) as well as their genre classification there is a world of difference between the core gameplay mechanics of each.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a good portion of the sales from this new Dragon Ball game come from people who are not even that familiar with the DBZ mythos. Its reveal has garnered much speculation and interest, particularly from those who have been looking for a proper Marvel VS Capcom replacement and as such I don’t necessarily think those who are interested in it will have given any time to the former DBZ games released over the last 10 years plus.

With that said I don’t think it’s out of the question that we will see a Dragon Ball Fighter Z port to the Switch in the later future. If the interest it has garnered so far is any indication of its future sales than I think the developers/franchise holders will take every opportunity they can to make some extra profits.


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Game looks way too good to be able to run on the Switch.

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@Thanatos2k: lol wut

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I understand its less of a risk, but I wish Devs wouldnt put so much stock in the success of ports in deciding the future of development on a console. Xenoverse 2 is a good game, and if it had come out on Switch the same time as the other platforms I probably wouldve bought it on that system due to its portability, but they are releasing it a year after the other consoles. I already have it, and I sure as hell am not buying it again for full price. But I would buy FighterZ on the Switch over the other consoles in a heartbeat. I just dont think that the sales of a port necessarily show the interest of consumers on a system. If Xenoverse 2 doesnt sell well it isnt because Switch owners dont like fighting games, or Dragon Ball. Its because tons of fans already own it.