Dragon Ball FighterZ Announces New DLC Character, Cooler

Frieza's brother gets his revenge on the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.


Bandai Namco has revealed some more details on the next DLC characters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Following the DBFZ Grand Finals at EVO 2018, the publisher shared a new trailer that gives fans another look at the game's two most recently announced fighters--base Goku and Vegeta--and reveals an entirely new one: Cooler.

The trailer, which you can watch above, begins with a reenactment of the Saiyan invasion story arc from Dragon Ball Z, showing the Z Fighters falling one by one to Nappa and Vegeta before Goku arrives and confronts the two Saiyans. The video then moves on to introduce the game's next DLC fighter, Cooler--the older brother of Frieza and the main antagonist of the film Cooler's Revenge.

This makes Cooler the second movie villain to join the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster, following Broly (who, incidentally, was recently confirmed to be the antagonist of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film). Based on the brief footage featured in the trailer, Cooler appears to bear some similarities to his brother Frieza, although he battles in his final form, making him a much more physically imposing character.

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Base Goku and base Vegeta will be available to download in Dragon Ball FighterZ beginning August 8. Those who've purchased the game's season pass will receive the two characters at no additional charge, while everyone else will be able to purchase them separately. Bandai Namco hasn't revealed how much either fighter will cost, although each previous DLC character could be downloaded for $5 US / £4 / $7.55 AU.

Cooler, meanwhile, still doesn't have a release date, although his announcement lines up with the list of leaked DLC characters discovered earlier this year. Given that the list has proven to be accurate thus far, the next and eight DLC character will presumably be Android 17--although Bandai Namco has yet to formally announce the fighter.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch on September 28. Ahead of then, Switch owners will be able to take part in a free Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta, which begins later this week on August 9. Those who pre-order the Switch version will also get a digital copy of the rare Super Famicom Dragon Ball Z game, Super Butoden.

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