Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Master Roshi To Battle Goku Army

At long last, Goku's trainer Master Roshi has finally joined Dragon Ball FighterZ. Isn't he a little old?


It took more than two years, but legendary creep and martial artist extraordinaire Master Roshi has finally arrived to Dragon Ball FighterZ. He joins a roster that continues to expand, primarily with different variants of Goku, and can finally prove why you don't need Saiyan blood to dominate on the battlefield.

Arriving next month, Master Roshi will be available as the latest fighter in the FighterZ Pass 3. Despite his small stature and the fact that he's hundreds of years old, Master Roshi is lightning-quick and his Evil Containment Wave ability is sure to mess up his opponents. He's suitably goofy, as well. As Dragon Ball Z progressed, Roshi mostly had to stay on the sidelines while more powerful heroes like Goku and Piccolo did the actual fighting. However, his training was invaluable in the series' early years.

Bandai Namco's announcement also included a trailer, which you can watch above. He follows Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku in the FighterZ Pass 3, and there are still two characters remaining for the pass. We don't yet have time windows for when those will arrive.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Counting fusion characters, it features seven different versions of Goku and one imposter who looks like Goku. There are also five Vegeta variants. That is too many.

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