Dragon Age Writer's New Game Studio Responds To Another Game Taking Its Name

David Gaider's new game Chorus was revealed in 2019, then Deep Silver announced another game call Chorus.


Dragon Age writer David Gaider is working on a new musical-adventure game called Chorus: A Musical Adventure Game, and it's run into a bit of an awkward situation. As you may recall, the May Xbox 20/20 event brought with it news of another brand-new game called, Chorus, a sci-fi shooter published by Deep Silver.

Summerfall Studios, the developer of Chorus: A Musical Adventure Game, has now responded to the new Deep Silver title. Writing on Twitter, the studio said, "We're aware that another game named 'Chorus' was announced earlier this week. We're looking into it and we'll update you when we're able."

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Chorus: A Musical Adventure Game was announced during PAX Australia 2019. The game is part musical, part illustrated adventure game, and part character-driven narrative. Summerfall has attracted some big names to the project, including managing director Liam Esler, who previously worked at Obsidian and Beamdog.

Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory (Journey) is working on the music, while veteran voice actor Troy Baker (who is also an accomplished musician) will work on Chorus as its voice director. Additionally, prolific voice actress Laura Bailey (Gears 5, Uncharted 4) is lined up to voice the main character, Grace.

For lots more on Chorus: A Musical Adventure Game, check out GameSpot's interview with Gaider and Esler. As for the other Chorus game, the cross-gen title is development at Deep Silver's Fishlabs studio. We recently spoke with core tech lead Johannes Kuhlmann about what it's like to welcome the next-generation Xbox Series X while still developing for Xbox One.

So far, it doesn't seem that Deep Silver has responded to the awkwardness of announcing Chorus after Chorus: A Musical Adventure Game was revealed earlier. Both games are targeting 2021 release dates.

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