Dragon Age unearthing Golems of Amgarrak

$5 DLC will add underground adventure to PC, PS3, and 360 editions of BioWare's high-fantasy role-playing game.


Dragon Age: Origins
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Though Dragon Age II has already been formally announced, its predecessor is still getting a steady stream of downloadable content updates. The latest, Golems of Amgarrak, was unveiled today on Electronic Arts-owned developer BioWare's official Web site.

The add-on will cost only $5 and will be available for the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 on August 10. It will take players back to the dwarven realm of Orzammar--or more specifically, the labyrinth of caverns that lies beneath it. As in one of the storylines of the original game, players will have to face hulking golems created by rogue dwarven paragons.

Golems of Amgarrak is billed by BioWare as "an advanced challenge for even the most experienced adventurers" and will feature numerous puzzles and a "terrifying" new foe. It will let players either import their characters from Dragon Age or create all-new ones that will enter the game at a level high enough to encounter the new enemies.

Players will be shocked to discover Golems of Amgarrak features actual golems.
Players will be shocked to discover Golems of Amgarrak features actual golems.

Dragon Age II, a sequel to last year's hit action role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins, will ship in March 2011 for the same three systems as its forebearer. The sequel is set over a 10-year period, according to BioWare. It will see the player transform Blight survivor Hawke from "a destitute refugee to the revered champion of the land," with new combat mechanics for the game's three classes, as well as "an entirely new cinematic experience." Its debut trailer is due out on August 17.

For more on Dragon Age, view the video review below, or check out the write-up of its major expansion, Awakening.

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