Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Be More Challenging Than Previous Dragon Age Games

BioWare talks about Inquisition's difficulty and whether the use of tactical view is optional.


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Dragon Age fans are in for more of a challenge with Dragon Age: Inquisition than they might be accustomed to, according to BioWare producer Cameron Lee.

Speaking with PlayStation Lifestyle, Lee was asked whether players will need to use tactical view, the overhead camera perspective that pauses combat and allows you to more carefully consider your next course of action. According to Lee, tactical view--which makes its return after appearing in Dragon Age: Origins but not Dragon Age II--isn't required. It simply depends on how difficult of an experience you're looking for.

"It's not necessary. It really depends on individual players, I know," Lee explained. "This is quite a complex answer, but when you look at…. Say you were playing on normal difficulty, and all difficulty in Inquisition means tougher than Origins, definitely tougher than Dragon Age II. So, each different player has different thresholds of how much pressure they can handle separately."

Tactical view is almost like a safety net, Lee went on to say, as it lets you slow things down if you get in over your head. "The way we look at the tactical view--it's almost like a pressure-release valve," he said. "So, if you're in real-time view and you're battling away, and there's just too much going on, you know, there's too many enemies or they're too tough or something's gone wrong--maybe, as you were fighting, a pack of wolves came along at the same time and decided to get involved in this three-way fight. That could be too much pressure for me, so I might want to go to the tactical cameras, but for you, you might be quite comfortable to keep banging away in real time."

It'll be entirely up to you, then, whether to resort to tactical view; while BioWare thinks players will find combat easier with it, you'll be free to play Inquisition the way you want.

Following its delay in July, Inquisition is now scheduled for release on November 18 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. In addition to a single-player campaign, it'll also offer a multiplayer mode. You can read our impressions of it here.

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