Dragon Age: Inquisition Getting Biggest PC Patch to Date Soon

Patch will introduce new graphics options, mouse binds, and the ability to change your appearance.

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BioWare on Friday announced plans to release the biggest patch to date for the PC version of role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition. The patch, the game's fifth, is so large that BioWare also revealed plans to beta test it with the community before it's released publicly.

The Black Emporium
The Black Emporium

In a post on its website, BioWare explained that due to the nature of the certification process, it can often take weeks after finding and isolating a problem to release a fix. In light of this, BioWare says it's going to launch a beta program for Inquisition's Patch 5.

"We want to open up our upcoming Patch 5 to a select group of PC players via signup in a closed, developer-like environment," BioWare wrote. "This not only allows us to more quickly identify and respond to future issues, but gives our developers a great, new way to work directly with our players."

Inquisition Patch 5 is the biggest patch to date for the game, and addresses a range of "key concerns" raised by the community. It adds the ability to bind additional mouse buttons and also introduces an auto-attack key for single-player. In addition, the patch adds a shader quality to the graphics options and introduces a slider tool to adjust the size of subtitles.

What's more, Inquisition players invited into the Patch 5 beta will have access to a "mysterious underground shop" called the Black Emporium (pictured above). There, players can discover artifacts, purchase weapons and accessories, and also alter their voice and facial appearance using a new tool called Mirror of Transformation.

Also included with Inquisition Patch 5 is a new party storage option to the Undercroft in Skyhold, as well as an "item tinter" that lets players change the color of their armor (see below).

In addition to these changes, Inquisition Patch 5 has "a number of other changes and improvements," though BioWare isn't yet talking specifics about them.

Inquisition players will be able to sign up for the Patch 5 beta through the Dragon Age Keep soon, BioWare said. The beta program will only be available on PC.

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