Dragon Age: Inquisition delayed a year

New role-playing game from BioWare pushed from fall 2013 to fall 2014.


BioWare announced today during Electronic Arts' E3 briefing that the next-generation role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released in fall 2014. No specific platforms were announced, though EA prefaced its presentation by saying all games on show are in development for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Previously, the game was targeted to launch in fall 2013.

The game will run on the Frostbite 3 engine, the technology powering next-generation games like Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals, as well as the next Mass Effect title.

No reason for the delay was provided, and BioWare showed off a new non-gameplay trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition during the briefing. In addition, EA has dropped "III" from the game's title.

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Avatar image for Paoksis

let this game be delayed 5 years i dont care,when it's released it must not be anything less than perfect

Avatar image for Juvart24

Only thing I know is I will oppose the vileness that is the chantry and their Templar pets even if it means the total destruction of the planet.

Avatar image for drokmore

Well I'll be waiting, another years has got to help. Rushed games are no good.

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

Non-inspiring showing.

Avatar image for jimrhurst

I guess they felt they just _had_ to have a trailer? I say "meh."

Like many others on here though, I'm quite pleased to see it delayed a year. DA2 had a much more fluid and enjoyable (and less completely exploitable) combat system than DA:O, but it was so clearly and unabashedly rushed. So many sloppy shortcuts...

Avatar image for obriam

Take all the time you need! No starchild this time, ok!

Avatar image for pathosfire

That...actually sounds like great news!

Avatar image for vadagar1

YAY more time to work on it :P

Avatar image for Michael83917

Hmm. Trailer looked okay to me, not sure what people are complaining about. The only thing I didn't like was Morrigan's new face. It does not match my memory of the character. The face is too long. Looks like the jaw, nose and mouth have been stretched downward... like her face was made of wax and its just starting to melt. Kind of unsettling.

But Bioware, if you're out there, Fix 'dis.

Avatar image for DecapitatedOrc

@Michael83917 Agreed - I didn't like Morrigan's new look either, or Varric's for that matter. And it sounds like Morrigan has a different voice actor as well.....bummer!

Avatar image for Michael83917

@DecapitatedOrc @Michael83917

Same voice actress - that's definitely Claudia Black, no question.

Avatar image for DecapitatedOrc

@Michael83917 @DecapitatedOrc Really? I've watched the trailer 2 or 3 times and it sounds different. I'll take your word for it though :-)

Avatar image for jimrhurst

@Michael83917 @DecapitatedOrc Yeah, that's got to be Claudia Black. I agree about her face being off though. Melted wax is spot on. Varric worked OK, I thought.

Avatar image for Michael83917

They dropped III from the title... that could be a bad sign.

Also they are developing for PS4 and XBone ... but no mention of PC !?!?

Hopefully it just slipped their minds or something.

Avatar image for vadagar1

@Michael83917 maybe its just a fresh start (title wise) and dropping 3 ain't a big deal

Avatar image for Darkhol0w

Dragon Age Origins took 5 years to develop and it was fantastic. As long as they take time to work out all the kinks (which usually takes like 3+ years) then I don't mind waiting, as long as I know that I will get a good product.

DAO won game of the year in 2009 and it was still published by EA, so don't hate on it on Bioware just because EA pushed them in a deadline to released DA2 in under 1 year. That is where all the copy pasted dungeons came from, story was quite decent.

Avatar image for enartloc

Why does the dragon age 3 cgi trailer look worse than witcher 3 in game pre-alpha footage?

Avatar image for Phrosnite

@enartloc That was actual in-game footage. It looks pretty good and that's the art style they are going for and not stupid realistic graphics which are totally boring. Don't be so butthurt, witchfanboy. Now that Bioware are taking their time with the game, it's a sure thing it will be fantastic.

Avatar image for uxtull

@Phrosnite So by implication Mass Effect's graphics were also boring then?

Avatar image for enartloc

@Phrosnite oh you didn't even bother to read the article you are posting on...what a sad fanboy.

"No reason for the delay was provided, and BioWare showed off a new non-gameplay trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition during the briefing"."Stupid realistic graphics",hahahaha,what are you.12 years old?damn you got burned!

Avatar image for blahdeblahof

My bad. It's "actual game footage." Same difference.

Avatar image for blahdeblahof

At the beginning of the trailer it says "in game footage." It's not CGI. Don't call others stupid when you're not observant enough to have seen that.

Avatar image for Bercilak

No 360 version, no purchase from me. The Xbox One will never grace my living room.

Avatar image for Velphian-Freddy

Hell Yeah! Take all the time you want guys, take your sweet time and make a great game! :)

I wonder how will we import our saved games to the new consoles

Avatar image for Michael83917

@Velphian-Freddy You won't.

Avatar image for texasgoldrush

Dragon Age Origins is one of the most overrated RPGs of all time, clichéd as hell and fits Bioware's tired formula closely. Hell, all it was is KOTOR in fantasy land, its no Baldur;s Gate. The story is typical Bioware cliché, and the characters were typical Bioware style characters.

At least DAII, while vastly rushed, tried to shake up the formula. And DAI needs to do so again.

Avatar image for Michael83917

@texasgoldrush That DA:O was extremely formulaic should be 100% obvious to every Bioware fan out there. By and large, they liked it anyway. It had great atmosphere and near perfect execution. It was also mod friendly and had a pretty advanced editor on the PC.

I'm not one of the haters on DAII - I enjoyed it. But it had many serious flaws that detracted from the overall experience that DA:O did not.

Avatar image for acelogan1989

@texasgoldrush people played dragon age origins because of the gameplay and depth ,not story

Avatar image for Alekxander

Good, hopefully they don't f*** this one up. I'm still rooting for you, Bioware, even if all of your original talent has left the studio. :)

Avatar image for Saintofwar

whelp i'll just buy next gen next year

Avatar image for Tripwolf

They need more time to shave off content in order to sell it later as DLC and Microtransactions.

Avatar image for vadagar1

@Tripwolf ur evil but u think like the corporate suits XD

Avatar image for gamingnerd121

@Tripwolf Meanwhile, CDPR is working hard to create a fully fleshed out game for us to explore.

Avatar image for firedrakes

one thing i notice is almost all the games people want to play are push back till some time in 2014.

Avatar image for Veronsherner

I'm glad it is delayed I can't afford next gen consoles yet

Avatar image for eol_is

I expected this, though i hoped it wouldn't happen.

It's a shame, but the wait better be worth it.

Avatar image for Vambran

My guess is that will use the year to convert the entire game to next gen and scrap the 360 and ps3 versions.

Avatar image for Bloodspectre

I'm fine with the delay. Time and patience gave us Origins and KoToR. Rushing to meet deadlines gave us DA2 and KoToR 2.

Avatar image for BuBsay

@Bloodspectre KoToR 2 was a fabulous game, DA2 was pretty god awful though (and is what killed my day one purchase faith in Bioware). We'll see how it goes now that they're actually being given time to develop a game again.

Avatar image for Bloodspectre

@BuBsay @Bloodspectre It's not that KoToR 2 was a bad game. It's just that the ending was uncharacteristically sloppy and borderline unfinished due to rushed deadlines.

Avatar image for jerusaelem

@Bloodspectre I'll take KotoR 2 over EVERYTHING Bioware's produced in the last 3 years, thanks.

Avatar image for Poordevil

They are keeping this one in the oven because they know it better be good. The Witcher 3 may have them a little nervous as some have posted. But I don't think it is Witcher 3 Bioware is looking out for, I think it is Dark Souls 2.

Avatar image for Michael83917

@Poordevil Dark Souls 2 and Dragon Age aren't similar games - unless they drastically changed their approach to comabat. The Souls games are action driven games. Dragon Age is story driven ("story" meant here to include subcatagories "character" and "setting"). Skyrim would be somewhere between...

- Souls games you can dodge, manually block with a shield or parry, counter attack, get in position to backstab etc. These are things you can practice - the player gets better, not just the character stats.

- Dragon Age you usually can't do much other than auto-attack, lock on, and use the skills on you skill-bar. It's just barely removed from WoW-clone mmos.

Avatar image for Ghosthunter54

IF they need more time they should take more time. Though if it's getting released in 2014 instead of 2014, I doubt it's coming out on Xbox 360 or PS3 at all.

Avatar image for EctoSpartan

@Ghosthunter54 It's being released on all platforms.

Avatar image for Ghosthunter54

@EctoSpartan @Ghosthunter54 It was being released on all platforms in 2013. In a year, who knows what will change?

Avatar image for blahdeblahof

It could change, but less than a day ago it was confirmed at the Bioware forums that it will be released on all platforms.

Avatar image for EctoSpartan

Underwhelming trailer. I'm fine with them pushing the game back.