Dragon Age II Signature Edition includes Exiled Prince DLC

BioWare to include three-mission pack surrounding "noble archer" Sebastian Vael in top-tier edition; available free for those who preorder before Jan. 11, otherwise as a $7 download.


No Caption Provided In October, BioWare announced the Dragon Age II Signature Edition with little detail. At the time, the developer said the top-tier pack would include a host of content, including an unnamed mission pack. Now, that mission pack has a name.

Those who preorder BioWare's Dragon Age II before January 11 will score a free upgrade to the Signature Edition of the game for $59.99. The SKU will include the game, a digital copy of the game's soundtrack, an in-game armory of weapons for use in the title, and the Exiled Prince downloadable content.

Hawke will partner up with Vael in the Exiled Prince DLC.
Hawke will partner up with Vael in the Exiled Prince DLC.

The Exiled Prince three-mission pack content introduces players to "noble archer" Sebastian Vael. A priest, Vael is thrust back into the throes of "princely politics" when his family is murdered, leaving him the lone surviving heir. When players encounter Vael, they have the option to either avenge the untimely death of Vael's family or "direct his holy vengeance on their enemies in Kirkwall." Additionally, players will be able to recruit the ranged-weapon master to their party.

Those who do not preorder the title before January 11 can still access the Exiled Prince content by purchasing it for 560 Microsoft points, or $7. The Signature Edition of Dragon Age II will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC and will premiere on March 8 in North America.

Set over a 10-year period, Dragon Age II will see the player transform Blight-survivor Hawke from "a destitute refugee to the revered champion of the land," with new combat mechanics for the game's three classes. Although Hawke gains fame as the Champion of Kirkwall, the game will peer into his mysterious rise to power.

For more on the title, check out GameSpot's most recent preview.

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