Dragon Age golden, hitting PS3 Nov. 3

BioWare's dark fantasy RPG marches on factory; Sony edition to launch alongside its PC, 360 brethren in North America, but will still trail in EU.


Over five years after it was first announced, Dragon Age Origins has gone gold. Today's announcement came over a year after Electronic Arts dated the role-playing game for the first quarter of 2009. It was subsequently delayed until October 20 before being pushed back yet again to November 3 on the PC and Xbox 360.

Dragon Age: Origins is working its magic in the factory.
Dragon Age: Origins is working its magic in the factory.

With an ambiguous "November launch" window, the PlayStation 3 version of Dragon Age was set to trail the other versions. However, today in a live chat session held by Sony this morning, BioWare cofounder and EA role-playing game chief Ray Muzyka announced that the PS3 edition would launch alongside its 360 and PC siblings on November 3. Muzyka also confirmed the game's PlayStation Trophies would correspond to the Xbox Live achievements found in the 360 version.

Unfortunately for European gamers, BioWare still plans on releasing the PS3 edition of Dragon Age: Origins after the PC and 360 versions launch November 6. "[We're] still working on the EU release timing for PS3," said Muzyka. "We'll have an announcement on that shortly--[it's] still planned for some time a bit later in November."

Dragon Age: Origins is described by BioWare as a "dark heroic fantasy role-playing game." It will be rated M for Mature for language, partial nudity, sexual content, intense violence and blood, although Muzyka said the gore can be toned down by the viscera-adverse.

Billed as a spiritual successor to the classic Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age: Origins will be jam-packed with BioWare's signature plot-altering choices and moral shades of gray. It will offer players six origin stories based on their character's social station and race: dwarf noble, dwarf commoner, city elf, Dalish elf, human noble, or mage. Those separate stories will tie into a larger narrative about the Grey Wardens, a mysterious order of knights guarding civilization from an ancient evil. The game will feature 60 to 80 hours of gameplay, with the first installment in two years of downloadable content expansions available at launch.

In terms of gameplay, Dragon Age: Origins will let players control four party members at a time to take advantage of their various melee, ranged, and magic combat abilities. For details on how combat works, check out GameSpot's latest preview of the game.

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Avatar image for Dominicobaggio

ok anyone tell me why they are releasing later in europe on ps3 ? i really can't see any valid reason...

Avatar image for dg3215

360 will be better imo, i have both systems and for the most part I find the gameplay better on the 360, but i imagine either will be quite nice. PC yes if you have a 5k rig will be better but I will take my $600 worth of systems over that any day. Also is anyone else just slightly annoyed that they are releasing DLC on the day of the launch and not just including it in the game? EA is a bunch of greedy bast...s and I am starting to feel the same about BioWare now dont get me wrong I will still buy the game, but I will pass on the DLC just on principle..

Avatar image for msp19

feanor22 wrote: Anyone have any thoughts on what platform will be better 360 or PS3? I should say PC!! But if you really want to play it on the console, choose the ps3 version. Ray Muzyka told in gamespot's today on the spot, that the ps3 version was very close with graphics and physx to the pc version. He never mentioned the 360 version. So, according to that i should say the ps3.. But im in doubt wether those versions will beat the pc version. Cause pc version is the only version getting user created content. And you see.. Look at GTA:SA. No multiplayer, but with some enthousiastic fans, there was multiplayer.. Maybe, DA:O will get it to, you never know. But still user created content will make a game outstanding sometimes instead of just good.. So choose pc this time...

Avatar image for feanor22

Anyone have any thoughts on what platform will be better 360 or PS3?

Avatar image for Jhraxlin

People are getting pissed at MW2 when this game has got far worse stuff in it, it still looks cool, but I'm not getting it because some stuff just should not be in a game.

Avatar image for Bashers79

@GunGriffin I saw somewhere that the PS3 graphics card was way out of date long before they brought the PS3 out, think I read it on trustedreviews.com. Think they went on to say the Xbox graphics card was more up to date. Not my words.

Avatar image for Bashers79

So, is there going to be any major differences between the Xbox and PS3 version, I've kinda lost touch with whats going on with this title and as I now own a PS3 aswell as a 360, I want to get the best version. I presume to get the special edition armour in Mass Effect 2, i'll have to get the Xbox version?

Avatar image for shawn_mitchel

I love the good work Bio ware did on Mass Effect 1,....... I have to pick up Dragon Age as soon as it gets to stores shelves.

Avatar image for GunGriffin

Damnit so many games and my Xbox360 DVD drive just bit the dust! I'm going over to the PS3! Won't fail on me like the Xbox360 did. (that was my third one to have problems mind you........) 120GB PS3 Slim here I come. Now I just need to choose my games to buy!

Avatar image for GunGriffin

I think the developers are finally getting a handle on the PS3s over all power. IE Star Ocean is going to have enhanced graphics, and extra features on the PS3, and now most multiplatform titles work the same, or better on the PS3 system over the Xbox360 but it all depends on the game. If it's about graphics like UT3, or Final Fantasy odds are it will run smoother on the PS3 then the Xbox. (Simply because the ATI chip set in the Xbox360 is about 6 years old now) Thats not to say the Xbox360 is outdated tech and people should buy another platform, it's just to say that it's tech is starting to show it's age, and so are it's games. The PS3 has just like the PS2 a long road to get the 9 million US users, and the huge sales numbers in Japan/UK. Now Sony needs to capitalize on their current price points, and offer more intensives to buy a PS3. IE advertise the games! The Features of the Platform, the games games games!

Avatar image for method115

@ issizots I agree I hate the way they have treated the PS3 when it comes to realising games as ports. I haven't had a PS3 for a while not but I remember when I did this really pissed me off. It seems like they have been doing it alot less now. Probably because reviewers are quick to point out the flaws and it affects there review scores.

Avatar image for OF-5

Damn it lol, I was for sure going to get this for my 360 since it was coming out first but now i dont know lol...

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun

I didn't even remember to preorder this. Borderlands, Tekken 6, Demon's Souls, COD 4.5, Brutal Legend, R&C crack in time... My plate is full.

Avatar image for jasongm

Not since Oblivion have i been this pumped for a new fantasy RPG! Especially a game that's set in the old dark ages!! This is what games like Final Fantasy should be like!

Avatar image for Hillsy_

Is the collector's edition worth it? May pre-order this.

Avatar image for Lionhart_basic

Have it pre-ordered. :)

Avatar image for Dualmask

This might be the time sink that makes me put Oblivion and Fallout down. I'm looking forward to it.

Avatar image for BigDaddy973

Very excited for this game :) I

Avatar image for issizots

they probally had the delay because this is their first ps3 game, but as most developers say the ps3 is too hard to program for, maybe bioware was just too advanced and smart and seen just how easy the programming was. Or they either hit a bump at the beginning of the port and then just grew to them and became easy. I don't know but i do know i HOPE they're not releasing it as yet "another" crappy 360 to ps3 port. IM SO TIRED OF THIS!!!! I hope this game will be amazing though, and for the LIFE OF ME, why won't they allow us to use the PC HUD if we choose because we can hook up a keyboard and a mouse to our ps3's and play it JUST LIKE a computer game. THAT option should be available and for that not being the case i am truely angry. If this game turns out to be a clunker due to a poor port, us gamers need to do something about stopping all games from being made on the xbox first and get some games made on the ps3 first to keep quality up and competition true. You just can't say that it is fair for every game to look better on 360 because it was made with the ati chip and look worse on the ps3 due to it's nvidia rsx gpu. I wish they'd just make games individually for each console and stop with all this STUPID porting. it only makes us ps3 gamers think the developers SUCK. I have already given up support for activision/blizzard games due to comments they've made about the ps3, whose next?

Avatar image for CyberPenguin88

Good ol' Bioware the great games they bring us... Now even sooner.

Avatar image for solidstein

isnt it splinter cell

Avatar image for PumpkinBoogie

Well it's certainly good to see the PS3 version get the chance to be released on the same date as the others. Frankly, I couldn't understand the reason for the delay in the first place. Man, so many great games coming so little money buy them w/....:(.

Avatar image for AdamWriter

@ParisSun Passed on Borderlands? I think both games deserve a chance, therefore, purchase both like myself -_^

Avatar image for FallenAngel

Lord have mercy on my wallet, I shelled out for Uncharted 2 only two weeks ago, I'll have to pick up Dragon Age cuz a) It's Bioware, baby! and b) I have it preordered. And then Assassin's Creed 2 will be coming along in a couple of weeks as well...

Avatar image for cybrcatter

@ siefier25: FFXIII? I will have to finally suck it up and buy a PS3.

Avatar image for mosamania

This is by far the game am most antsy about :D I think this is going to be a bit better than Oblivion but who knows right??

Avatar image for ParisSun

I can't wait. I passed over Borderlands so that I could get this. I figured I wouldn't have enough time to play all of these games.

Avatar image for siefier25

Ya, I hear ya bennae66. Borderlands and Uncharted 2 are pretty much taking up my gaming time. I don't plan on getting another game till the Jan 27th....anyone know whats coming out that day? ;)

Avatar image for bennae66

will pick it up for my girlfriend on launch day. was really keen for this.... but man! its getting harder and harder to put borderlands down for just 5 minutes to get a drink, let alone make way for a new game in my loungeroom

Avatar image for Draaagoon

I am desperate to play this game but I am worried that controls will be awkward on the consoles after seeing the PC gameplay.

Avatar image for daveg1

one fro the pc i think..no gameplay of this yet gamespot??

Avatar image for robgam3r

yes o yes i am glad it is comming out the same time as everything else 1 week sooner better then one week latter thats what i alwalys say

Avatar image for firehawk998

Good news for PS3 owners dont miss this great game.

Avatar image for Regisland

Demons Souls and Dragon Age FTW

Avatar image for Joesocwork

Glad to know it's on schedule! I pre-ordered and I'm excited about next week. This is the first non-sequel I think I can remember looking forward to.

Avatar image for sebastempo

I was gonna get this a little after the release date, i yet have to complete Uncharted 2 in hard and crushing difficulty, and play a lot of the amazing online, after that, i'm soooo getting this game!!!

Avatar image for mysterylobster

Isn't it a little early to say the game's gone golden?

Avatar image for Grandstream

I got the Special Edition for the PS3 preordered and paid off. With how much Bioware wants this to sell, I got 6 pieces of equipment coming, an extra quest and character...and a bunch of bonus collector's stuff all for 15 bucks. And now I'm gonna be playing this game next week...awesome.

Avatar image for Mcortijo01

That's good news because I haven't played a game like this since Balduers Gate.

Avatar image for bvnj

Actually it was pushed back to the 17th on the PS3, however 360 and PC release should still be on nov. 3 according to DA:O website and social biowares website.

Avatar image for Hekynn

Very nice can't wait for my check to pre order on Newegg for PC :D

Avatar image for Allbritt0n

all the 360 hype??? The game gets hyped only 4 the pc. I'm still freakin clueless on how the console version is gonna b different from the pc.

Avatar image for ISuPrEmAcY32I

well that's good news for the ps3 gamers. Looking forward to picking up this game

Avatar image for thundaro

wow i did not even know this was on PS3 too with all the XBOX360 hype for it, on this site and others, what a shame

Avatar image for PuppetMaster786

this game seems good but its disgusting

Avatar image for Lateraliss

I just discovered this game recently, and I pre-ordered yesterday. Was going to get it for PS3 but went with 360 instead. This game looks like it's gonna be a great story. I was worried about the combat at first, but if it's anything like KOTOR, I'll be more than pleased. I downloaded the character creation tool yesterday, i hope the real game has more customization than that. There wasn't much to it.

Avatar image for Baramos6

zobbi4110 Wah Wah I can't get my own way, I have to insult people to make a point... Typical PC gamer.

Avatar image for kcabclark

I have been waiting for this game ever since I saw it in on biowares website as a project they were going to be working when I was playing Neverwinter Nights, I just wish they could make the toolset for the consoles too.