Dragon Age DLC nets $1 million, BF1943 sells 1.2M

Electronic Arts drops sales figures for BioWare's just-launched multiplatform role-playing game, DICE-developed online-exclusive shooter.


Publishers have been citing digital distribution as a source of incremental revenue for years, but those increments are clearly growing. Speaking at the BMO Capital Markets 17th Annual Digital Entertainment Conference today, Electronic Arts executive vice president and CFO Eric Brown provided investors with sales figures for recent downloadable add-ons and games.

Cheer up! You're a millionaire!
Cheer up! You're a millionaire!

Brown recapped the nearly instantaneous success of Dragon Age: Origins, the BioWare fantasy role-playing game that arrived in stores early last week. The executive said that sales of Dragon Age downloadable content are already "well past $1 million" collectively. Brown also reiterated the company's intent to support the game with new add-ons for an entire year after launch.

Dragon Age launched alongside a handful of add-ons, including the $15 (but free for preorders) Stone Prisoner expansion, and the $7 Warden's Keep. EA is also selling a handful of premium Dragon Age themes for 240 Microsoft points ($3) each on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The EA executive also talked about the company's success with full downloadable games. Specifically, he called out Battlefield 1943, the download-only first-person shooter for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Despite hiccups at launch, the DICE-developed WWII game racked up 1.2 million sales between the two platforms. During Battlefield 1943's debut month, EA proclaimed it the fastest-selling day-one and week-one downloadable exclusive title on Xbox Live worldwide, or on PSN in North America. Battlefield 1943 sells for 1,200 Microsoft points ($15).

For more on DICE's WWII shooter and BioWare's latest RPG, check out GameSpot's reviews of Battlefield 1943 and Dragon Age: Origins.

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