Dragon Age Awakening, Groovin' Blocks on PSN

PlayStation Store Update: BioWare's $40 expansion to acclaimed fantasy RPG joined by Empty Clip Studios' rhythm-puzzler on PS3; PSP gets Patchwork Heroes, The Red Star.

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The week's biggest addition to the PlayStation Network store for the PlayStation 3 technically falls within the add-on category. Following on from its well-received PC and Xbox 360 bow earlier this week, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening is now available through Sony's online store for $39.99. The add-on requires 1.57GB of available hard drive space.

Awakening offers an all-new storyline that serves as a postscript to BioWare's highly regarded fantasy role-playing game released in November. It focuses on rebuilding the Grey Wardens after the bloody events of the original game's campaign, delving deeper into the backstory of the Darkspawn and their ongoing objectives. The expansion raises Origins' level cap and introduces new enemies, spells, abilities, and party members.

The Dragon Age isn't over yet.
The Dragon Age isn't over yet.

Elsewhere on the PSN, gamers can pick up Empty Clip Studios' Groovin' Blocks for $9.99. A puzzle game, Groovin' Blocks features match-style rhythm action, where gamers attempt to clear a field of gems while in beat with the music. The game also accommodates local co-op and Versus modes.

Visual Concepts' 1997 shooter One arrives on Sony's PSone Classics channel for $5.99. The futuristic shooter received a generally positive reception upon its initial release more than 10 years ago. Those looking for a more placid play experience can alternatively pick up Nippon Ichi's Jigsaw Madness, which arrived for the original PlayStation in 2002, some two years after the system's successor had arrived. It also costs $5.99.

PSP gamers have a number of options this week. Folklore's Patchwork Heroes, where gamers attempt to destroy giant battleships by cutting them to pieces, can be acquired for $9.99, while XS Games' 3D side-scroller The Red Star lights up for $14.99. MumboJumbo has also bundled its match-three puzzlers Luxor Wrath of Set and Luxor Pharoh's Challenge together to form a $9.99 package.

A full list of the week's deals and new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, discounts, and add-on content, is available on the official PlayStation Blog.

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