Dragon Age add-on leads XBL May lineup

Xbox Live Update: Microsoft confirms new Darkspawn Chronicles for May 18; Zeno Clash, RayStorm HD, Snoopy Flying Ace, Game Room updates dated.

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Microsoft released its Xbox Live schedule for the next few weeks today, and leading that lineup for many is the next chapter in BioWare's multimillion-unit-selling Dragon Age: Origins. On May 18, gamers can pick up Dragon Age's latest add-on, titled Darkspawn Chronicles, for 400 Microsoft points ($5). Unfortunately, Microsoft did not detail what the add-on pack contained, though a BioWare representative said to expect more details shortly.

The Dragon Age update will be preceded by a new add-on for BioWare's other hit role-playing game, Mass Effect 2. Today, BioWare released the Equalizer Pack for MSP 160 ($2) for the Xbox 360 and PC editions of the acclaimed sci-fi RPG. Included in the pack are the Capacitor Helmet, Archon Visor, and Inferno Armor, all of which enhance specific combat, biotic, and negotiation skills for Commander Shepard.

The Darkspawn threat apparently continues May 18.
The Darkspawn threat apparently continues May 18.

BioWare, of course, isn't the only company bringing new content to Xbox Live gamers. On May 5, Atlus will release Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition through Xbox Live Arcade. The first-person fantasy brawler costs MSP 1,200 ($15) and sees players assuming the role of Ghat, who, having killed his clan's ruler, must fight through fanatical tribesmen and other monsters to make good his escape.

Also on May 5, Square Enix will release an updated version of Taito's vertical-scrolling shoot-'em-up RayStorm HD, also for MSP 1,200 ($15). The following week, Konami has on tap a revival of its side-scrolling platformer Rocket Knight. The MSP 1,200-point title features Sparkster, an opossum hero equipped with a jetpack who fights to save his kind from a marauding wolf army.

Lastly, Microsoft will release Snoopy Flying Ace on June 2. First mentioned in September, Charlie Brown's mostly loyal canine and the rest of the Peanuts crew take to the skies to take down the Luftwaffe ace Red Baron for MSP 800 ($10).

On Xbox Live's Games on Demand network, Ubisoft will kick things off on May 4 with Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway and 2008's Prince of Persia. The publisher will return on May 11 with Tom Clancy's EndWar. EA takes over during the back half of the month, releasing Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars through the on-demand service on May 18 and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on May 25.

With Microsoft seemingly ironing out the kinks in its Game Room release schedule, the publisher has also penciled in a batch of new games for its retro hits service. On May 12, the publisher will add Battlezone, Keystone Kapers, and unspecified other titles to the virtual arcade. Those releases will be followed on May 19 by Asteroids, Time Pilot, and others.

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