Dragon Age 4 Reportedly "At Least 18 Months" Away

On the bright side, Giant Bomb contributor Jeff Grubb says the game is in "very good shape" and "hitting [its] milestones."


Update: The original copy of this report stated the game would be ready "within the next 18 months." However, Grubb has since stated the game is actually "at least 18 months away" from release. The story has been updated to reflect this correction.

If like so many you've been waiting patiently for any news regarding the next installment in the Dragon Age series, you're in luck. New reports state Dragon Age 4 is "in very good shape," is "hitting its milestones," and is set to release on schedule. Assuming this is all true, it looks like we can expect to see Dragon Age 4 around late 2023.

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The announcement comes from Giant Bomb contributor Jeff Grubb, who discussed the game's development in the most recent episode of GrubbSnax. Grubb said he anticipates the game is "at least 18 months away" after being in development since 2017.

While the news doesn't come as much of a shock--multiple insiders stated there was "no chance" Dragon Age 4 would be releasing in 2022 just last month--this is the first real timeline we've been given for the project, even if it is a bit broad. Apart from this newly anticipated release window, not much else is known about the next installment of the Dragon Age series. Reports state it will be set in Tevinter and the team working on it is scrapping all multiplayer or live-service elements in favor of focusing on a robust single-player campaign, but additional information has yet to be confirmed.

This announcement also comes shortly after it was revealed that Dragon Age senior creative director Matt Goldman was leaving BioWare. While the abrupt departure raised some alarm when it was announced last November, BioWare GM Gary McKay assured fans the team's "commitment to a high-quality Dragon Age game has not wavered, and we will not ship a game that is not up to BioWare's standards." Based on Grubb's remarks, it seems like McKay's statements are holding up, and BioWare's quest to rebuild its reputation is moving along as planned.

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