Draft Kings Introducing eSports Contests Next Month

Soon you'll be able to draft a "fantasy" team of competitive gamers.


Fantasy sports giant DraftKings--that company whose ads you've no doubt seen during sports games on TV--is adding competitive gaming to its lineup of fantasy sports. As reported by Recode, DraftKings will soon let users draft a team of pro gamers and then compete with others for real money, just as they currently can for traditional sports like football, baseball, golf, and soccer, among others.

eSports on DraftKings will debut in October in conjunction with the League of Legends World Championship. The company has also signed partnerships with six different gaming teams, though they were not named. It is also unclear if DraftKings will only support League of Legends, or possibly other popular competitive gaming titles, including Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Dota 2.

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Competitive gaming is undoubtedly big business, particularly in Asia. However, DraftKings is available only in the United States and Canada. But DraftKings executive Matt Kalish says the company is hoping to expand internationally in the future.

"We certainly have global ambitions here and want to be operating in as many countries as possible and as quickly as possible," he told Recode. "The long game here is really tied in more with our international strategy."

More details about DraftKings' first League of Legends contest are available at the company's website.

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