Downloadable Tracks in 4x4 Evolution DC

If you create your own courses you may be able to play them on the Dreamcast version of 4x4 Evolution. Find out how.


Terminal Reality has informed GameSpot that its recently released track editor for 4x4 Evolution can be used to create new courses that are compatible with both the PC and the Dreamcast versions of the game. New tracks that are created using the PC-based editing program can be submitted to the company for bug testing and final approval. If approved, the new tracks are then available for download from the game's official Web site or prior to online races using the created tracks - there are currently eight new tracks available for download. Single tracks can be downloaded to the Dreamcast in a matter of seconds. However, the new tracks can only be driven during online races and are not available for offline use.

This marks the first time that additional user-made levels/tracks have been made available for download in a console game. According to Terminal Reality, this functionality can be implemented in any upcoming networked Dreamcast games.

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