Downloadable PS3 games get size limit

Newly published interview with Sony developer says the publisher has a 500MB limit on digitally distributed titles.


One of the challenges for developers working on Xbox Live Arcade games is the 50MB size limit Microsoft has mandated for the Xbox 360's digitally distributed titles. Size won't be quite as big a concern for developers of PlayStation 3 downloadable games, as Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica director John Hight told Firing Squad in an interview.

"We've arbitrarily set a limit of 500MB to keep download times reasonable," Hight is quoted as saying. "Since we've got plenty of HD space we can accommodate even bigger games and a lot of them."

While Sony hasn't announced an upper limit for its downloadable games before, it's been clear for some time that it would allow larger digitally distributed games on the PS3. The company had promised that it would be releasing original PlayStation games--which can be hundreds of megabytes--on the service.

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