Downloadable Lara Croft online co-op misses PS3, PC launch

Guardian of Light's connected multiplayer to be patched in for Sony's console, Windows desktops at a later date; XBLA duet gaming still due this month.


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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light made its bow on Xbox Live last month, and though it achieved substantial critical praise, one of the biggest knocks against it was the absence of the promised online co-op feature. Today, developer Crystal Dynamics confirmed that the PlayStation 3 and PC editions of the game will also lack online co-op upon their launches on September 28.

According to a Crystal Dynamics representative, the PS3 and PC editions will be updated with online co-op at a later date. When the games become available through the PlayStation Network and Steam, gamers will still be able to participate in offline co-op play, in addition to single-player action. The rep also reaffirmed that the Xbox Live edition will receive a free update adding in the online multiplayer feature before the end of the month.

Lara and Totec's online union has proven problematic.
Lara and Totec's online union has proven problematic.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light presents a number of firsts for Eidos' long-running Tomb Raider franchise. The top-down action adventure is the first to be offered as download-only fare, and it also marks the series' maiden foray into co-op story mode play. Much remains the same about the series, though, as it again sees the buxom heroine solving puzzles, conquering frothing beasts, and plundering ancient treasures.

As previously announced, Guardian of Light will receive five add-ons, which will be made available from October through December. The first three will be expansions featuring new "puzzle, exploration, and combat experiences," while the last two will include new playable characters for the game. Crystal Dynamics did not say who the characters would be, noting only that they will be well-known figures pulled from a range of Eidos titles.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light will be priced on the PS3 and PC at $14.99.

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