Downloadable Commando 3 announced, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix delayed

Capcom delivers a double-shot of news as it lays out its PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade slate in London.


Capcom will be launching a series of online games over the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and PC during the coming months as the company experiments with digital distribution.

Speaking at the embargoed Capcom Gamer's Day in London earlier this week, US vice president of marketing, Nique Fajors, said that downloadable content would be very much part of Capcom's strategy going forward. He told the audience, "Other forms of entertainment are far more successful when they're digitally distributed." This focus will also allow the company to focus more on "IP exploration," and become more cost effective.

Fajors then showed off an impressive array of up and coming titles. First up was Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, which has already been released in the US and will be coming "shortly" to Europe. The game will also have added headset support for its European fans.

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil was next up and will be coming before the end of 2007 to both Europe and North America on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Developed by A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games, the arcade shooter supports up to four players and has them join the heroes of the Alliance of Free Planets to free the solar system from the tyrannical rule of the Legion of Terra. The game will also have character customization options and an online ranking system.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will also be coming, although the developers warned that this will "ship when it's ready." The game, which was expected sometime this year, is now due during first quarter of 2008. Like the other downloadable titles, this will be a simultaneous launch in North America and Europe.

As previously announced, the game will be available on both Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network and is being developed by Backbone Entertainment. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will feature all of the 17 original Super Street Fighter II Turbo characters and will have in-game voice chat, a spectator mode, widescreen support, and the original music along with a remixed music score. Data tracking will also allow gamers to track their own performance along with that of their peers.

Next up was the announcement that Commando 3 will be coming in December to PSN and Xbox Live. It will cost 800 XBLA points, or $9.99 on the PlayStation Network. The game will have four playable soldiers and support for up to three players playing simultaneously both online and on one console. The arcade shooter is also being developed by Backbone.

Last but not least was Talisman, which is being developed by Big Rooster for Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and the PC. Talisman is based on the Games Workshop classic board game--which is nearing its 25th anniversary--and is currently slated for an April 2008 release in both North America and Europe.

Talisman is a hybrid of board and role-playing games, which can be played by up to four players on or offline. It will feature a 3D virtual board onscreen, along with animations of the battles and creatures that stalk the board. Downloadable expansions will also be released, including character updates, adventure card updates, and alternate endings.

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